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The closing credits occur at the end of every Ace Attorney game. The main purpose of the closing credits sequence is to show the names and roles of the crew of people who contributed to each game's development. The Ace Attorney series in particular has a pattern of scenes and lines included in each game.


The credits sequence itself alternates between showing a collection of credits on a black background (except in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney where a desk of photos is used as a backdrop), and scenes showing various characters from throughout the game. In earlier games, these characters are implied to be talking to the protagonist or an anonymous individual, but later titles simply have them speaking about their plans after the events of the game. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All includes a post-credits scene. In the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the sequence simply ends with the Capcom logo before returning to the title screen. The game remembers the fact that it has been completed, and text can be skipped accordingly on subsequent plays.

Every game since Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth includes a post-credits scene, after which the word "End" fades into and out of the corner of a black screen. This screen usually appears at the end of every episode, but for the final episode, the screen occurs after the post-credits scene. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies introduces a second portion showing scenes from the game in black and white. Since Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, completing the game unlocks content such as an immediately viewable collection of the anime sequences in the game.

List of closing credits scenes[]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Turnabout Goodbyes)[]

The photograph by Lotta Hart.

These scenes are shown from the perspective of someone who finds various characters from the game and asks them about Phoenix Wright.

  • At the Criminal Affairs Department, Dick Gumshoe says that Miles Edgeworth came to wish the detective a happy new year, using the same awkward cheer from after the trial.
  • At the Gourd Lake Entrance, Larry Butz reveals that he has not seen Wright around lately. He adds that he has started working at a cheese shop to earn some more money for his alleged girlfriend Missy, who had gone to Hawaii.
  • In a courtroom, Winston Payne falsely claims that he taught the young lawyer everything that he knows.
  • The Bellboy at the Gatewater Hotel reveals that he has taken over the hotel's management.
  • At Grossberg Law Offices, Marvin Grossberg merely answers that he has not seen Wright lately, remarking, "'Ahh... the days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon', you see."
  • At the Studio - main gate, Wendy Oldbag does not remember Wright, and proceeded to ramble about Jack Hammer's movies being released on DVD.
  • In the dressing room at Global Studios, Will Powers states that the Pink Princess became a big hit, and that he owes Wright a great deal. He is also staying out of the public's eye, as he doesn't want to disappoint the kids by showing his face.
  • At the Employee Area, Penny Nichols talks about a letter from Maya Fey, who apparently caught a cold standing under a waterfall. Not having the time to visit, Penny sent Maya some Pink Princess cards, which are not being sold in Maya's village. Penny wonders what kind of place it is.
  • Cody Hackins is at the Studio One entrance. Not remembering Wright, he decides to discuss the time he saw the actor playing the Pink Princess while sneaking around Global Studios. Describing Will Powers as a "dog", he laments how much of a shock the experience was for him.
  • Lotta Hart is at the Public Beach, where she is training to become a paranormal photographer. She explains that the picture that took after Edgeworth's trial has a ghost in it, namely the ghost of Mia Fey.
  • In the Nintendo DS version of the game, Wright yells, "Hold it!" and unlocks Rise from the Ashes in the episode selection menu.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All[]

The "Wright" by Maya on Shelly de Killer's card.

In the first four scenes and the ninth scene, Wright seems to travel to Gatewater Imperial Hotel, the Criminal Affairs Department, and the detention center to catch up with some of the other main characters.

  • At the Hotel Lobby, Maya Fey thanks Wright, saying that she knew that he would find the letter that she had hidden in the wine cellar. She then comments on how she has escaped death three times now.
  • At Viola Hall, Pearl Fey tells Wright that she heard that Gatewater Imperial Hotel is a popular choice for honeymooners, so she booked a reservation for him and Maya.
  • In the hallway, Gumshoe informs Wright that he has been reinstated into the police force. Edgeworth apparently told the chief, "Letting that one go is bad for all of society."
  • At Criminal Affairs, Maggey Byrde tells Wright that she has resigned from the force to take up a job as a waitress.
  • At the Hotti Clinic, "Director Hotti" reminisces about Franziska von Karma, who would whip him even if he looked at her. He does not seem to have minded this at all.
  • At the Big Top, Max Galactica and Regina Berry discuss taking the Berry Big Circus on a world tour, starting with Zimbabwe. While Berry wonders if there are castles made of cake and talking rabbits in Zimbabwe, Max quips that talking rabbits would still not laugh at Moe's jokes.
  • Moe and Benjamin Woodman are practicing in the cafeteria, with the latter mentioning a "Hallelujah Chorus" act.
  • Oldbag is still searching Engarde's hotel room using Gumshoe's bug sweeper, to no avail. She does not mind since Edgeworth requested it, but she begins to suspect that she has been forgotten, causing her to go on one of her rants.
  • In the visitor's room, Adrian Andrews thanks Wright for what he, Edgeworth, and von Karma did to help her. She shows a letter from von Karma, saying she should consult her once she gets out.
  • The transceiver in Courtroom No. 3 activates again. On the other line, Shelly de Killer announces that he will take a leave of absence, citing difficulties. After stating that anyone needing his services should check his homepage, he disconnects and the transceiver self-destructs.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations[]

Artwork by "Laurice Deauxnim".

  • Maya plans to train extra-hard for her roles as Master of Kurain, manager of Wright & Co. Law Offices, and "big sister" to Pearl and Wright, as long as she doesn't get locked up or captured again.
  • Pearl is at the Main Gate of Hazakura Temple. She is excited that Wright went through the Special Course for Maya, calling him her cousin's "knight in shining armor." She's also heard of an extra-special Ultra Course and might surprise Wright and Maya by secretly reserving it for them.
  • At Trés Bien, Gumshoe announces that Byrde has bought him a new trenchcoat. Byrde prefers the look of the old dirty coat, to which Gumshoe assures her, "In the name of love, a man will soil himself silly!"
  • At the Main Exhibition Hall, Andrews thanks Wright for helping to make the Treasures of Kurain exhibit a success. She adds that von Karma taught her how to use a whip and told her to show what she has learned to Wright sometime.
  • At Mask☆DeMasque's Hideout, Ron and Desirée DeLite have started a company called Mask☆DeMasque Consulting, dedicated to stopping the criminals in the city. (The motto: "Cut it out, pleeeeeeeease!") As a side business, though, they also sell plans to criminals. Ron wonders if they are the worst criminals of them all.
  • At Tender Lender, Viola Cadaverini thanks Wright for "exterminating" Furio Tigre. She adds that she has returned the $500,000 to Tigre, along with a tea set with a special tea Viola made herself.
  • At Vitamin Square, Victor Kudo recalls when his grandchildren threw him a birthday party, making him cry, as he had believed that everyone considered him useless.
  • Lisa Basil has hired a new programmer to replace Glen Elg at Blue Screens, Inc. She says that she knew that they would align perfectly as soon as she heard the name "Adam Mada."
  • Reporters catch up with Bikini in the Main Hall of Hazakura Temple, where she comments on the increase in reporters and money coming to visit since the murder. She hopes that Iris will soon come back.
  • During one of Wright's visits to the detention center, Iris discusses the previous visit with Wright's friends. Wright constantly had her eyes on her. Unfortunately for him, however, Pearl noticed this and slapped Wright, giving him a nosebleed.
  • Wendy Oldbag returns from her vacation to the Security Room at KB Security, only to find no one to greet her since Butz quit. She then rants all about it and even mentions that she had brought some Macadamian nuts for Edgeworth.
  • At Heavenly Hall, Butz says that he has found his calling in art, and is planning to take the art world by storm with 'Franzy's Whip Lash Splash'.

Rise from the Ashes[]

Young Ema and Lana at the police department entrance.

The episode Rise from the Ashes has its own closing credits separately from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney due to being developed years after the original game for the Nintendo DS release. The credit screens use animations from the fingerprint powder minigame rather than simply having a black backdrop. Most of the character scenes play out like an epilogue where each character narrates what has happened to them after the case's resolution, though there are three scenes in which Wright visits Jake Marshall, Angel Starr, and Ema Skye. Additionally, tapping the touchscreen during a cutscene and then blowing it away will reveal drawings of the characters.

  • At the detention center, Lana Skye reveals that she has sent her sister Ema to Europe to live with a friend of hers, who works as a coroner. Though Lana's days at the prosecutor's office were surely over, she hoped that she would be able to make it back into the field someday, and perhaps even work on cases with Ema.
  • At Criminal Affairs, Gumshoe reveals that the force decided to overlook his unauthorized access to the Chief's office, because penalizing him any further would have been worse than firing him.
  • Mike Meekins was demoted to security guard in charge of the police department entrance and take care of Billy the cactus at the guard station. He says that he is still determined to become a detective like Gumshoe one day.
  • The dancing Blue Badger panel at the police department entrance is shown in the moments before it stops moving and collapses.
  • At the detention center, Jake Marshall is eating a steak lunch given to him by Angel Starr. He is thankful that Ema is happy again, and asks to ensure that the cacti in the guard station are watered.
  • In the underground parking lot, Angel Starr gives Wright a farewell gift: her new lunch, the "Wright Way Lunch", with a bitter-tasting top half but sweet-tasting lower half. The "turnabout" theme has proven popular among students undergoing exams.
  • In a courtroom, the judge claims to remember what Wright said after the trial, though it turns out that he has forgotten the lawyer's name and other details about him. In fact, he has forgotten to bring his gavel.
  • Maya is still in training in Kurain Village. Though she misses Wright and his "objections", she is determined to soldier on with her training until she is a proper spirit medium. This is the only time that Kurain Village appears in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
  • The bellboy brings Edgeworth his usual tea, but finds his office deserted, with only a letter left behind. This is an allusion to Edgeworth's disappearance, a plot point in Justice For All.
  • Wright catches up with Ema at the train station, where she thanks him for all that he has done for her and Lana. Though she is sad that she and Lana were going to be separated, she will always have a reminder of her inside the book Scientific Investigation: a photo of the two sisters when they were younger.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney[]

Vera's drawing.

The character scenes in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney end as photographs that fall onto a wooden desk, which provides the backdrop for the credit roll. The transition from credits to character scenes occurs via the wipe.

  • At the Wright Anything Agency, Trucy Wright says that she is glad that Apollo Justice has decided to stay at the agency, adding that it's like she had found a long-lost brother, in an example of dramatic irony. Having inherited the rights to Magnifi Gramarye's magic, she intends to carry on her late grandfather's legacy.
  • At Prosecutor Gavin's office, Klavier Gavin, realizing how much the last trial had "rocked," has decided to disband the Gavinners in order to focus on his legal career. Though this news has much heartbreak worldwide, Gavin feels that Justice and Trucy are the real stars now, and was looking forward to their next "jam session."
  • In his hospital bed at the Hickfield Clinic, Phoenix Wright realizes that he has been a piano player longer than he has been a lawyer. Now that the case that had gotten him disbarred had finally been solved, he entertained the possibility of taking piano lessons, or perhaps retaking the bar exam to get his attorney's badge back.
  • In the backstage hallway, Ema Skye considers making golden Snackoos before admitting that the preservatives required wouldn't be 100% safe.
  • Olga Orly seems to have retained her job at the Borscht Bowl Club as both a waitress and as a dealer for Wright's poker games.
  • The Kitakis have started a pastry business at their mansion selling muffins with kanji characters on them that read "root" and "people".
  • Wocky Kitaki has made his own pastry to help out, namely muffins called "O.G. Crackers."
  • At Eldoon's house, Guy Eldoon has devised a new noodle recipe containing just a large hunk of salt. He considers it the logical conclusion to the extreme saltiness for which his noodles are known.
  • At People Park, Wesley Stickler, who has previously been mocked as "Wesley Stinkler" and "Wesley Stickyhands," has received a new nickname, "Wesley Sicko," While it was obviously meant negatively, Stickler is convinced that it is a reference to his curing the sickness of curiosity.
  • At Sunshine Coliseum, Thalassa Gramarye thanks Wright for all that he has done, and looks to her newly found children as inspiration for her next song.
  • At Solitary Cell 13, Spark Brushel has gone back on the beat. He still does not have his scoop, but his confidence is not shaken.
  • In Drew Studio, Vera Misham says that she has taken up painting originals. She would have to look to the outside for inspiration, but she is not afraid anymore, having met good people from the outside.
Vera Misham
The door is open. The world is waiting. Thank you.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth[]

Photo of Kay, Edgeworth, and Gumshoe.

Each character scene in this game is preceded by a black-and-white flashback to a scene from the game.

Rhoda Teneiro:

  • Flashback of her approaching a handcuffed Edgeworth in First Class to question him.
  • She has put her suitcases on sale over the internet, where they have become a sensation in the art world for being truly "post-modern". Teneiro has subsequently been selected to design the next line of iFly Airlines jumbo jets.

Zinc Lablanc:

  • Flashback of him falling over the railing of the stairs to the cargo hold.
  • He has received the Primidux Statue from Colias Palaeno. He noted that it felt a little light, but nonetheless comments on Palaeno's generosity.

Franziska von Karma:

  • Flashback of her cracking her whip in Hope Springs Airport, startling Gumshoe.
  • She has received an to work with Interpol on another case, but she has declined, commenting that her whip would find new vigor in the fresh Cohdopian air.

Mike Meekins:

  • Flashback to him saluting an approaching Kay Faraday at Wild, Wild West.
  • He has been fired from the police force after losing his badge. He is thinking of filing a complaint with "Ruffles Man".

Ema Skye:

  • Flashback to her looking for footprints in the stadium.
  • Though she had hoped to speak with Edgeworth a little more, she has to return to Europe. She hopes to come back one day as a real forensic scientist to help him.

Lauren Paups:

  • Flashback of her approaching Edgeworth and Ernest Amano at Wild, Wild West as they are discussing the latter's son.
  • She got off easy for her role in the kidnapping because it had been faked, though she has been placed under house arrest. She fawned over her guard with his cold stare.


  • Flashback to Gumshoe entering Courtroom No. 3 during Mack Rell's trial to inform the court that Rell and Byrne Faraday have been murdered.
  • He has heard some rumors about Edgeworth's recent escapades, and wonders whether he should team up with a bailiff and become a lawyer.

Maggey Byrde:

  • Flashback of her and Gumshoe thanking Edgeworth for saving her from suspicion and catching Buddy Faith's real killer.
  • Though she was fired from her security job because she had lost her key, she has not lost hope, even commenting that changing jobs is becoming fun.

Colias Palaeno:

  • Flashback of him approaching Quercus Alba at the Theatrum Neutralis to convince him to allow von Karma's team to investigate the Allebahstian Embassy.
  • He is advertising the Cohdopian Embassy, suggesting it as a summer vacation spot. According to him, the theater recently presented the "Let's Investigate a Murder!" show, but it ended up starting some real fires. Still, Palaeno has high hopes for his next attraction, "Catch the Yatagarasu!" He hopes to be able to enlist the help of Kay Faraday.

Larry Butz:

  • Flashback of him rising up from the rose garden fountain during his search for the Iron Infant.
  • Mindy ditched him and traveled to Japan, but Butz has quickly moved on to another girl, Miharu. They are allegedly planning to set up a business in Paris selling "Blue Ocean Dogs". Butz realizes that he has not seen the "guy in the blue suit" for a while.

Tyrell Badd and Shi-Long Lang:

  • Flashback to the standoff with Shih-na at the Theatrum Neutralis.
  • Badd testified in Quercus Alba's American trial as part of the Yatagarasu. Lang informs Badd that elements of the Cohdopian smuggling ring are moving again. Badd guesses that they are fighting to succeed Alba as the leader. Badd wishes that he'd never heard of the ring, but Lang is ready to bring the entire ring to justice. In response to his youthful vigor, Badd notices that his beard has been graying, and wonders whether to retire his mirror.

Wendy Oldbag:

  • Flashback to her and Larry Butz interrupting the argument between Edgeworth and Alba to help "vanquish the Evil Magistrate."
  • She got a letter from "Edgey-poo" saying, "Please take care of your hip, and when you wish to speak, first take off your headpiece."

Gyakuten Kenji 2[]

The two different paths.

Like in the previous game, each character scene in this game is preceded by a top-down scene. Though most of them are black-and-white flashbacks to scenes from the game, some are not flashbacks.

Nicole Swift and Lotta Hart:

  • Flashback to Swift pestering Edgeworth and Gumshoe at the beginning of their investigation of the stage at Gourd Lake.
  • They are continuing their usual lookout for the next big scoop. Swift asks Hart what kind of scoop she is looking for next, but Hart refuses to give her any information, saying that they are technically in competition. Hart then proceeds to ask the same question back, claiming that Swift shouldn't be stingy with her mentor.

Shelly de Killer:

  • Flashback to Gumshoe ordering him to testify in the audience area due to having an injured arm like the killer was hypothesized to be.
  • His wound has still not healed, and he remarks that he will never forget the man who gave it to him. He contemplates continuing to sell ice cream or perhaps running a crêperie, desiring to live a calm life until his services are called upon again.

Jay Elbird:

  • Flashback to him being dragged away from the prison hallway after his argument with Edgeworth.
  • He is not about to let his defeat at Miles Edgeworth's hands get him down. He plans to continue working toward a successful prison escape.

Frank Sahwit:

  • Flashback to his first visit with Edgeworth outside Workroom B.
  • He plans on continuing to work toward being a pet trimmer. However, as soon as he learns that he has had his prison sentence extended due to acting as an accomplice to Patricia Roland, he becomes enraged and gives up on his supposed dream.

Regina Berry:

  • Black-and-white scene of a meeting between her, Edgeworth, and Kay Faraday in the prison courtyard.
  • She is trying to put Simon Keyes' arrest behind her and carry on with her next circus show. She says that she has to work hard to surpass the magic and ventriloquist divisions.

Sirhan Dogen:

  • Flashback to Anubis scaring off Raymond Shields and Kay Faraday after their first meeting with Dogen in the special cell.
  • He has surprised himself with the lengths he went through to save a child whom he had saved on a whim 18 years ago. He is happy to have the child as a fellow inmate.

Jeffrey Master and Katherine Hall:

  • They are singing in the visitor's room.
  • Master vows to visit Hall every day, just as she and Raymond Shields did for him.

Delicia Scones:

  • Flashback to her first encounter with Tyrell Badd, Gregory Edgeworth, and Raymond Shields in her contest room. The flashback has the three men facing differently from the actual scene.
  • She is scheming to develop new diet drugs to use with Master's sweets.

Larry Butz:

  • Black-and-white scene of him painting in the fountain patio.
  • His drawings of women cost him his current girlfriend. He contemplated whether to be more serious with his life, or to pursue his next girlfriend.

Tyrell Badd and Raymond Shields:

  • Shields approaches Badd in the 3rd Floor Lobby.
  • Badd is set to testify on the IS-7 Incident. Shields talks about Edgeworth's decision, saying that he was sad that they would not be working together, Shields would watch over Edgeworth nonetheless. Badd comments that Shields has grown up as well.

Karin Jenson and Bonnie Young:

  • Flashback to their brief meeting with Edgeworth at the Grand Tower viewing platform.
  • Due to her being forced to aid Blaise, Jenson was not seriously punished, and has returned to act as a coroner's assistant to her grandmother. Jenson still regrets what she has done, but is glad that she can still be with her grandmother and work alongside her.

Ema Skye:

  • Flashback to Lotta Hart taking photos of the 51st floor while the rest of Edgeworth's team watches.
  • She is glad that she could help once more, but has to return once again to her studies abroad to become a full-fledged forensic scientist.

Franziska von Karma:

  • Flashback to her introducing herself while the coroners are examining the body in the meeting room.
  • She says that Sebastian Debeste would have to overcome the legacy of a skilled, but criminal, father, just like she did. She thinks on Edgeworth's decision to choose a different profession from his biological father, and supposes that this is also an answer.

Shi-Long Lang:

  • Flashback to the MiBs approaching him to help him investigate the SS-5 Incident.
  • He never could have imagined the truth that his father had protected for the sake of his country. Lang decides to carry on his father's legacy and revitalize the Republic of Zheng Fa.

Sebastian Debeste:

  • Flashback of him in court. Unlike the in-game scene, Edgeworth is standing closer to Blaise on the witness stand.
  • He has asked everyone to stop using the nickname "The Best" because it felt as if he was still feeding off of his father's power. He plans to study hard on his own so that even Edgeworth will not defeat him easily.

Will Powers and Penny Nichols:

  • Flashback to Lotta Hart and Nicole Swift confronting them about Moozilla. Unlike the in-game scene, the police officer is not present.
  • Thanks to all the publicity due to the murder of the body double, the Moozilla movie received a great reception. However, Penny Nichols notices that the newspapers have mistaken Will Powers as the "monster" who killed the president of Zheng Fa.

Justine Courtney and John Marsh:

  • Flashback to aunt consoling nephew over his father's death.
  • They discuss the movie. John Marsh says that he enjoys being an actor, and that he wants to buy a lion lily in his father's memory. Justine Courtney suggests buying three, one each for her and for Amy Marsh.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies[]

Wright, Apollo, and Athena at the Cosmos Space Center.

The first part of the credit sequence proceeds as it does in previous games. The second part has the rest of the credits scroll with a black-and-white slide show of images from the story in the background.

  • At the Wright Anything Agency, Trucy says that she has found a bunch of new jobs for Justice. When asked whether she should have gotten him legal cases, she shrugs it off, saying that this is the Wright Anything Agency.
  • In a defendant lobby, Juniper Woods says that she should work hard like Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes to become a judge. She remembers her grandmother saying, "Eat lots of peppers and they'll ignite your passion." She wonders which type of pepper to grow in her garden next, namely whether they should be green, yellow, or red peppers.
  • In a courtroom, Gaspen Payne insists on the need to get a guilty verdict by any means necessary. However, upon learning that he is under investigation by Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth, he runs away.
  • At Yokai Lane, Damian Tenma discusses the demand of fans for him to take up wrestling again as Tenma Taro. According to Jinxie, he is supposed to face the Amazing Nine-Tails. As Damian ponders over how he could possibly fight himself, Jinxie suggests that Justice take over as the new Amazing Nine-Tails.
  • In the Kyubi Manor Foyer, Phineas Filch claims to have taken over as alderman of Nine-Tails Vale, but runs away after the police approach him for trespassing.
  • In the Lecture Hall, Robin Newman says that Athena Cykes has inspired her to go through with becoming a prosecutor, and is preparing to take the bar exam. Hugh O'Conner reveals that he will be retaking the entrance exam to Themis Legal Academy, in order to prove that he can obtain a perfect 100% on his own merits. Newman yells that their dreams and Woods' will live on forever.
  • In the maintenance area, Myriam Scuttlebutt complains that her new-found friends did not like the cardboard boxes she picked out for them. She is pleased that the trial has brought attention and junior students to the journalist club, though their write-up about how she cried at her graduation rehearsal unnerves her.
  • In a defendant lobby, Klavier Gavin praises Woods' performance during the school festival, and expresses interest in participating in a trial with her as the judge.
  • Pearl is disheartened to find the office muddled and untidy so soon after her clean-up efforts. She becomes determined to clean up the attitudes of the others in preparation for a visit by Maya Fey after the latter has finished her training.
  • At the Space Center entrance, Yuri Cosmos revealed that a new "HAT-3" rocket launch is planned. He then takes a call from the new Director (he has been demoted to Assistant Director).
  • In the robotics lab, Ponco tells someone that she is going to the moon with the HAT-3 rocket. She wonders which lunar features Athena and Metis Cykes would be interested in, and is told that they would like either one. Clonco, on the other hand, misses Aura Blackquill terribly.
  • In Boarding Lounge 1, Solomon Starbuck is excited to finally make it to space again for real. He is determined to do it for Clay Terran and himself. He says that his lawyers have inspired him not to give up, but is nonetheless worried due to space having no air and being cold.
  • At the Wright Anything Agency, Simon Blackquill tells someone that he is not employed at the office, and is there to request the lawyers' services in helping his sister. The other individual is looking for Athena Cykes for the sake of his or her arrested father. Blackquill replies that he might just see the father in court.
  • In a defendant lobby, Miles Edgeworth tells Payne that he is looking forward to the latter's next salary assessment. As Payne runs away, Edgeworth mentions that, in the wake of the overturn of Blackquill's conviction, much of the corruption in the prosecutor's office has been brought to light. Edgeworth says that he now owes an even greater debt of gratitude to his old rival, but insists that he will repay that debt in due time.

The background images in the second part of the credits are as follows:

  • Phoenix Wright pointing his finger in court
  • Apollo Justice shielding Juniper Woods from falling rubble
  • Ted Tonate after his breakdown
  • Damian Tenma in his Tenma Taro persona in the visitor's room
  • Apollo Justice crossing his arms confidently in court
  • Trucy Wright striking a confident pose at the Wright Anything Agency
  • Simon Blackquill smirking in court with Taka perched on his shoulder
  • Bobby Fulbright flashing his badge on the witness stand
  • Jinxie Tenma smiling at the end of her trial
  • Athena Cykes reading a document in court
  • Klavier Gavin snapping his fingers during the mock trial
  • The photo of Juniper Woods and Constance Courte in the art room
  • Robin Newman in her shouting pose and Hugh O'Conner in a smug pose in the Lecture Hall
  • Aristotle Means during his breakdown (the board writing reads "Dismissal")
  • The photo of Apollo Justice and Clay Terran
  • Solomon Starbuck pumping himself up in court
  • Aura Blackquill with Clonco at the Space Center entrance
  • Pearl Fey at the Wright Anything Agency
  • Miles Edgeworth in court
  • Athena Cykes with her black Psyche-Locks
  • The phantom after Simon slashes his Bobby Fulbright mask

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures[]

The "Family Photo".

  • Herlock Sholmes ended up buying a mountain's worth of music boxes from all over Europe, with the papers saying that he uses them to solve cases. He noted that they've been selling like hot cakes.
  • Iris Wilson had been working on her new novel all night to finish before the deadline. Luckily, Sholmes tried to make breakfast for her, but believed she'd end up getting sandy toast and muddy coffee, missing the wonderful Japanese breakfasts Susato made her.
  • Taketsuchi Auchi declared Kyurio Korekuta's testimony a complete contradiction. The latter objected to this statement, asking if his koban let itself be stolen, but Iyesa Nosa pleaded his innocence, saying his son Aido believes in him. The judge politely told them he would rather not have the Supreme Court be involved with this fight.
  • Satoru Hosonaga decided to infiltrate the Steamship Burya, and remain a sailor after sending Nikolina Pavlova to Shanghai. He ended up picking up the very suspicious Soseki Natsume. Natsume was enraged that holding a mere kitten that Wagahai had was an offense.
  • Mael Stronghart stated that scientific investigations are the symbol of a new era for the police. He compared his ideal world of law and order to one hundred clock gears moving together without deviation. He had to cut his speech short, citing that he only had two minutes and thirty-seven seconds until his next meeting.
  • Tobias Gregson ended up making another appearance in the newest issue of the Randst Magazine. He stated he could already hear the cheers from the pub when he speaks his line "Rather good, for an amateur." He stated he must look ever upwards to Iris.
  • John Garrideb has been meeting with Joan Garrideb every day since her arrest. Since he's been using the stairs so much, his legs have started to regain their strength. He tried out being a maid for himself, but was baffled when no one realized it was him.
  • Patricia Beate was excited that her husband, Roly returned to her thanks to Barok van Zieks. Roly found himself picking up small changes on paroles more than anything else, stating that his duty is to protect London and make Patricia happy. The two held each other in a loving embrace.
  • Gina Lestrade had to stay in prison for a while, but doesn't seem to mind, as Iris comes to play with her every day. She states that Iris always has a Sholmes story or two ready to tell her, making her think that investigating crimes might be fun.
  • Ashley Graydon decided that he had no regrets about taking the path that he did, but Nash and Ringo Skulkin tell him to take it easy and that they should bring back their milk business.
  • Susato Mikotoba says she will never forget the time she spent in London with Naruhodo, Sholmes and Iris, understanding that life consists of farewells and meetings. She promised that one day, she will return, and hopes that Naruhodo will keep her in his memories until then.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice[]

Apollo's letter to Wright.

This credit sequence is similar to the one in Dual Destinies. Instead of a slide show, the second portion shows black-and-white animations of scenes from the game.

  • At the Wright Anything Agency, Trucy Wright puts on a show with Mr. Hat. The puppet announces his solo debut, saying that he cannot simply let Apollo Justice hog the spotlight because they are fierce rivals. Trucy admits that the act is not the same without Apollo, and resolves to visit him in Khura'in.
  • At Tehm'pul Temple, Ahlbi Ur'gaid wonders how he could help his country the way Apollo did. He decides to focus his efforts in developing Khura'in's tourism industry.
  • In a defendant lobby, Miles Edgeworth congratulates Ema Skye on achieving her dream of becoming a forensic scientist. Skye complains that she is going to Khura'in at Nahyuta Sahdmadhi's request, to which Edgeworth suggests that she take it as a learning experience.
  • At the Penrose Theater's stage, Betty de Famme complains that gig requests have dried up for her and Bonny since the revelation of the secret behind their teleportation trick. Bonny suggests accepting Trucy's offer to join the Wright Anything Agency, but this only angers Betty further as she sees Trucy as a rival.
  • At the high priest's house, Beh'leeb Inmee describes Khura'in in its transition as being like her newborn son Faitah: full of life and possibility. Datz Are'bal shows Faitah the Datz Pose, but this only makes him cry.
  • At the Wright Anything Agency, Athena Cykes says that she is determined despite her doubled workload. She wants to become a lawyer worthy of Blackquill's respect, but worries about whether she is up to the task.
  • In a defendant lobby, Simon Blackquill berates Bucky Whet for delivering his order of noodles in a drunken state. Whet tries to assure Blackquill of the quality of his noodles, only to suffer another bout of nausea. Blackquill complains about the difficulty of finding good help, asking an "old chum" if they agree.
  • In a courtroom, Uendo Toneido says that he is creating a rakugo routine based on Taifu Toneido's murder case, and plans on training Owen.
  • In the doctor's study, Armie Buff reveals that the university where her father worked has invited her to go on a dig. She hopes to find a forgotten civilization and dedicate the discovery to him. She also plans on visiting Khura'in on another dig.
  • In Kurain Village, Maya and Pearl discuss how they could "revolutionize" the village. Pearl suggests that it could involve a new shopping mall where she could buy new clothes, before conceding that it is not a priority.
  • At the royal residence, Rayfa Padma Khura'in tells her mother Amara that she wants a "new Nayna." Amara pointed out to Rayfa just how demanding she was, to the point of having her teeth brushed on command. Amara assured Rayfa not to worry about it too much, and that she could start making amends with one of her famous shoulder rubs.
  • In the Accused Lobby, Nahyuta Sahdmadhi complains that Rayfa has been calling him "Braid Head" while blushing and shaking.
  • At the Wright Anything Agency, Phoenix tells a woman that Apollo has become a fine lawyer with his own law firm in Khura'in, Justice Law Offices. He gives her a copy of the photo of Jove Justice. He then suggests that it may be time to tell "them" the truth, now that "they" had grown into capable adults in their own right, to which she agrees. (This refers to the fact that the woman is Thalassa and the mother of Apollo and Trucy.)

The background scenes in the second part of the credits are as follows:

  • Phoenix entering the High Court of Khura'in for the first time
  • Rayfa performing the Dance of Devotion
  • Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin during his breakdown
  • Trucy during her show, right after trapping Mr. Reus inside a giant hat
  • Apollo giving an argument confidently before Nahyuta gives a retort
  • Bonny and Betty posing together after their teleportation secret is revealed
  • Roger Retinz during his breakdown (when his blood-stained mask appears)
  • Shah'do hopping off of Ur'gaid's head
  • The Datz Pose inside the former Sahdmadhi Law Offices
  • Maya channeling Tahrust Inmee
  • Tahrust leaving Maya's body
  • Beh'leeb tearfully holding the spent Magatama of Parting to her chest, saying her last goodbyes to Tahrust
  • Athena Cykes activating the Mood Matrix
  • Owen awakening
  • Blackquill revealing Geiru Toneido's bandaged forehead
  • Phoenix arguing with Apollo during the civil trial
  • The first meeting with Paul Atishon
  • Rayfa declaring that she is ready to perform the Divination Séance for her (adoptive) father
  • Dhurke Sahdmadhi scaring off Inga Karkhuul Khura'in right after being fatally shot
  • Amara Sigatar Khura'in's first breakdown
  • Nahyuta's "a dragon never yields" pose
  • Apollo's final dramatic finger point against Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in and her royal guards
  • A photo of Justice Law Offices, transitioning into the post-credits scene

The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve[]

Photo of Sholmes, Iris, Susato, Naruhodo, and Asogi.

  • Herlock Sholmes keeps getting telegrams about his stunt at the last trial, so he wants to vacation somewhere far away. He considers stuffing himself in a closet to get to Japan.
  • Iris Wilson (née van Zieks) wrote a thank you letter to Sholmes causing him to cry. She also gave him a chemical that would turn his hair bright red, but he passed on using despite her working hard on it.
  • Barok van Zieks left the courtroom five years ago after being called the Death Bringer, the badge he is wearing originally belonging to his brother. He has finally decided to let go of Klint’s ghost for good and move on like his “foreign friend” told him to.
  • Gina Lestrade found a letter left by Detective Gregson, and she understands that he was protecting her. She and Toby vow to protect the peace of London, but she wishes she could've thanked Gregson.
  • Tobias Gregson's last moments are shown in a flashback, where he speaks fondly of Lestrade, and leaves her his "detective spirit," knowing that he may depart from this world during his final mission.
  • Taketsuchi Auchi argues about Satoru Hosonaga infiltrating Jigoku's office but Soseki Natsume reveals Jigoku's arrest in London. Auchi then rails against Rei Membami's prescence in the courtroom to which she counters that Susato was making a name for herself in the foreign court. Hosonaga remarks that he probably should've hired a normal lawyer.
  • Maria Gorey visits her mother, Courtney Sithe, in jail. They discuss how the Japanese handle the dead by cutting them into three pieces. Gorey wants to try it on her mother but she objects, as she obviously isn't dead yet. Gorey says she was glad about that.
  • Albert Harebrayne was invited back to England by van Zieks, with the latter saying he’d give the former a tour. But Harebrayne reveals he cannot afford the bill to the hotel he is staying in, and that he wishes he could teleport or at least that van Zieks would finish his work and save him.
  • Esmeralda Tusspells reveals that she actually knew that Genshin Asogi was buried alive when she found his shot corpse. But Stronghart forbade her from testifying about it because of their deal as per her family creed, she'd do anything to achieve the most accurate model possible.
  • Daley Vigil is in jail still identifying himself as his "Gossip" persona, Peppino de Rossi and Fabien de Rousseau are locked in with him. Peppino says that he will sell red spaghetti but Fabien de Rousseau says this is not suitable for him. Evie Vigil is proud of her husband for making friends and he says he will get rich with the two redheads once he is released.
  • Kazuma Asogi didn't really know what to be when he first got his study abroad. He wanted Naruhodo to come with him originally so that Naruhodo could defend him, should Asogi wind up in the defendant’s chair. But now he has a new path thanks to him and hopes to meet him again in court.
  • Susato Mikotoba made some tea for Ryunosuke Naruhodo on the cruiseship. They are going to be busy opening a new office in Japan. Susato is happy that the great detective recognised his brilliance as a defense attorney.