Cody Hackins
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Cody Hackins
But that's my card! By offering me something I already own, you're in effect eschewing the very basis of our consumer society, namely the principle of fair trade! Man, for a grown-up, you sure are dumb!
Phoenix Wright
(W-what do they teach these kids in school these days!? Quantum physics!?)

Cody Hackins was a "fanboy" of The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo and idolized its main character, the Steel Samurai, played by Will Powers. He was also a fan of the sequel, The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo; Powers also starred as the main character of this show. He would frequently sneak into Global Studios to see his masked hero, much to the annoyance of the security guard, Wendy Oldbag, though he never saw Powers's face until the days of the Pink Princess. He was a witness to the murder of Jack Hammer, the actor who played the Steel Samurai's arch-nemesis, the Evil Magistrate.

The Steel Samurai's defeatEdit

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On one of his forays into Global Studios, Hackins witnessed the Steel Samurai fighting a foe he did not recognize. Inconceivably to him, the Steel Samurai lost the fight and was killed. Hackins did not see the fatal blow because he was fiddling with his new camera. It would turn out that Jack Hammer, who played the Steel Samurai's nemesis the Evil Magistrate, had donned the Steel Samurai costume, making him the victim.

In court, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth called Hackins to the stand, and Will Powers's defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, was able to conclude from the absence of a picture of the Steel Samurai standing in triumph over his enemy that the Steel Samurai had lost the fight.

After the resolution of the case, Hackins once again sneaked into Global Studios during the filming of The Pink Princess, the sequel to The Steel Samurai. He finally saw Will Powers' face, which shocked him.


Cody Hackins
What's that? Bo-ring! Man, how can one person be so lame!? If you were a superhero you'd be Lame-o-man!


Hackins appears to be very intelligent for his age. He is able to use the internet well and is very good at forcing people into bargains and winning them (as he did with Miles Edgeworth). He is also very short-tempered, rude and unfriendly to most people, with Mia Fey being an exception. This can make it rather tough to gain information from him. However, he shows a great deal of pride in his collection of Steel Samurai merchandise.

Hackins is obsessed with the Steel Samurai, almost to the point of delirium. He is known for sneaking into the studios, taping every show, and going to every live performance to take pictures for his "Path to Glory" scrapbook. Hackins's father also takes him to the Steel Samurai amusement park every year. Probably as a tribute to his hero, he carries a sheathed katana on his back, but the sword is too long for him to unsheathe completely. Although he is aware of the show's fictional nature, he finds it difficult to grasp that the Steel Samurai character would ever lose a fight. This caused him to lie to the court about the fight that he had seen between Jack Hammer and Dee Vasquez, which he believed was a staged fight between costumed actors.

Hackins also collects and trades The Steel Samurai and The Pink Princess trading cards. Bargaining with Hackins using Ultra Rare Premium cards was the key to making him give Phoenix Wright valuable information, though he was immediately whisked away by Dick Gumshoe.


  • His Japanese surname "Ootaki" (大滝), is a pun on the word "otaku", which translates, more or less, as "fanboy", "nerd", or "geek". This is likely meant to be a reference to his obsession with the Samurai series.
  • His full English name, "Cody Hackins", is a play on "code hacking".
  • "Cody" comes from the Irish "Ó Cuidighthigh", meaning "son of (a person named) Helpful". Considering the boy's less-than-helpful attitude, this is somewhat ironic.
  • French internet users often use "Kévin" to refer to an immature person. "Miron" may come from the French verb "mirer" ("to watch intensely" or "to stare") or the Spanish adjective "mirón" ("nosy"), which would fit with his lurking around Global Studios.


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