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Flag of Allebahst.

Flag of Babahl.

Cohdopia, officially the Principality of Cohdopia, is a country located in Europe. Sometime in the 2010s, it was split into two countries, Allebahst and Babahl, but was reunited in March 2019. The Cohdopian Embassy in the United States was shared between the two countries, with each country taking symmetrical halves of the building, save for the Theatrum Neutralis in the middle, which was deemed American soil.

The smuggling ring[]

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Quercus Alba, as the leader of an international smuggling ring, utilized his position as the ambassador of Allebahst to become legally invulnerable in both the American courts and those of his own country. He took on the façade of a feeble old man who blamed himself for everything that went wrong in his embassy so that no-one would ever suspect him of any real wrongdoing. Alba also acquired the assistance of the Amano Group, which used its vast international connections to aid the ring's activities. The woman known as Shih-na and Calisto Yew was also a member of this ring, as well as Jacques Portsman, Manny Coachen and Cammy Meele. "Calisto Yew" became a mole for Alba by becoming one of the three people of the Yatagarasu and, later, a member of Interpol. Portsman used his job as a prosecutor to tamper with any evidence that pointed to Alba as the leader of the smuggling ring. Meele used her job as a flight attendant to keep an eye on all things coming in and out of Zheng Fa through iFly Airlines, as well as to transport items and documents written in Borginian.

Babahl's most notable export was a special ink made from whitcrystal oil. This oil became a target of the smuggling ring, which used the ink to make almost indistinguishable counterfeit currency in several other countries, which ruined the economy of Zheng Fa in particular. Because of this, Interpol put severe limits on the export of Babahlese ink. Manny Coachen, the secretariat of the Babahlese Embassy in the United States, was also a high-ranking member of the ring who governed over the illegal export of Babahlese ink for counterfeiting purposes.

Due to the efforts of Miles Edgeworth and others, Alba was disbarred from his position as ambassador of Allebahst by Interpol agent Shi-Long Lang. No longer impregnable to the laws, Edgeworth was able to expose Alba's involvement with the smuggling ring and finally defeat him.