Codophian Embassy

The Cohdopian Embassy.

The Cohdopian Embassy is the embassy of Cohdopia to the United States. The building is designed to be bilaterally symmetrical. After the division into Allebahst and Babahl, a massive wall was built, dividing the two countries. The embassy was also separated into an Allebahstian part and a Babahlese part.

Between the two was the Theatrum Neutralis, a neutral theatre on American soil where shows could be put on, including stage shows of both the Steel Samurai and the Jammin' Ninja.

The second KG-8 IncidentEdit

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In 2012, Deid Mann, an employee at the embassy, was gunned down by Mack Rell under the orders of someone claiming to be the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Mann was about to testify about an international smuggling ring.


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  • Although the extraterritoriality of the embassy is stressed many times during Turnabout Ablaze, in reality diplomatic missions are not considered to be territory of the represented state.

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