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Coldkiller X is a potent cold medicine made by the Master Group pharmaceutical institute. A bottle appeared as evidence in the trial of Phoenix Wright for the murder of Doug Swallow. Coldkiller X was also present in the Zodiac Art Gallery's infirmary.

Feenie's cold[]

Main article: Turnabout Memories

While they were both studying at Ivy University, Dahlia Hawthorne attempted to kill Phoenix Wright by stealing his bottle of Coldkiller X and mixing in some poison she had stolen from the pharmaceutical department. Her reason for doing so was in order to regain her bottle necklace, which was evidence from her poisoning of Diego Armando. Doug Swallow discovered the theft of the poison and tried to warn Wright about Hawthorne, but the latter pushed him and left. Hawthorne used this opportunity to kill Swallow and plant the medicine bottle in his hand to frame Wright for the murder. Wright was put on trial, where his lawyer, Mia Fey, figured out Hawthorne's scheme and dared her to take some of the medicine herself, forcing her to admit defeat.

Differences in portrayals[]

In the anime adaptation "Turnabout Memories", the bottle is brown and the medicine is a liquid.

Other languages[]

French: Pludrum X (pun on "plus de rhume" which means "no more cold")


Evidence icon in the Japanese version.