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As a butler, he's outstanding. He even serves as Lance's personal private tutor.

Colin Devorae was an employee of the Amano Group. He was arrested and convicted for corruption charges as a result of the Amano Group scandal but escaped and went under the alias of "Oliver Deacon". He was killed ten years after the scandal during a staged kidnapping plot.

Amano Group scandal[]

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Colin Devorae's police file.

The company that employed Colin Devorae came under scrutiny when another employee of the Amano Group, Cece Yew, came forward to authorities with intent to testify on the Amano Group's dealings with an international smuggling ring. However, Yew was killed shortly afterward, and the only suspect was found innocent of the murder. When the police began to hunt for more evidence of Yew's claims, the company claimed that it had found the culprit: Colin Devorae. Devorae was merely a scapegoat who had no real knowledge of what had been going on, but he was convicted and sentenced to prison time anyway.

Before he went to jail, Devorae broke off the wings of a silver pendant of Pegasus and gave the wings portion to his daughter Lauren, telling her that he was going on a long business trip and that he would return to her eventually. He wrote his own name on the horse and Lauren's name on the wings, and then he was hauled off to Penn E. Dent Prison. However, he managed to escape and steal a gun from one of the guards. He returned to the house of the Amano Group's CEO Ernest Amano, who agreed to give him sanctuary as his butler. For the next ten years, Devorae went under the name "Oliver Deacon" in order to avoid authorities and stay hidden, as well as to keep an eye on his daughter, who began to date Amano's son Lance Amano. However, Lance came to find out "Oliver Deacon's" true identity.

Staged kidnapping and death[]

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Colin vs Lance

The struggle that resulted in Devorae's murder.

Ten years after the scandal, Lance Amano fell into debt and intended to take some of his father's money. Using his knowledge of Oliver Deacon's real name, Lance coerced him into participating in a staged kidnapping that he was planning with Lauren. The plan was to have Ernest Amano surrender $1 million as ransom at Gatewater Land. However, as family friend Miles Edgeworth was delivering the ransom payment, Colin Devorae decided that Lance was a threat to him and his daughter due to the blackmail, so he turned against Lance and attacked him in the haunted house with the gun that he had stolen ten years earlier. The struggle ended with Lance managing to take the gun and shooting his assailant dead. The bullet went through Devorae's lower right abdomen and out his right shoulder, then destroyed the mirror they were hiding behind.

Lance changed his plan, moving Devorae's body to a garage in the Wild, Wild West area of the park. He devised a plot to have the body discovered and the blame placed on Lauren, which involved kidnapping Edgeworth. Edgeworth managed to escape, but the investigation went as Lance expected, and he revealed himself to the police, claiming to have escaped the kidnappers. However, Edgeworth figured out that the kidnapping had been faked all along, and that Lance had killed Devorae.



Devorae's mugshot.

  • In both the Japanese and English versions, Devorae's alias is an anagram of his real name.
  • Japanese - Sumio Kurama (鞍馬純夫) / "Masumi Ogura" (小倉真澄):
    • His first name in the Japanese version, "Sumio" (純夫), means "pure husband", referencing his faith for his family. His surname, "Kurama" (鞍馬), has the kanji for "moth" and "horse" respectively, which is a subtle reference to the Pegasus pendant he divided to give to Lauren and himself.
  • English - Colin Devorae / "Oliver Deacon":
    • "Deacon" is a Christian title, the meaning of which comes from the Ancient Greek word "diākonos" meaning "servant", reflecting his position as a butler.
  • French (Unofficial) - Loïc Enbevet / "Benoît Lévec":
    • In the unofficial French translation, his pseudonym is "Benoît Lévec". "Lévec" is read like "l'évêque", which means "bishop", which is another Christian title.
    • His real name is "Loïc Enbevet", which means nothing but keeps the same letters as the English version. Alternatively, it could be read kind of like the expression "en baver" (or "en bavait") that can be translated to "to spend (spent) a hard time", reflecting the fact that he had to change his identity to hide and escape from prison.