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A dossier on Colin Devorae was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into Devorae's murder.

Amano's kidnapping and Devorae's murder[]

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The dossier was compiled after Devorae's arrest after the KG-8 Incident.

Years later, while investigating the kidnapping of Lance Amano and the murder of Colin Devorae, Edgeworth obtained the dossier from a police officer. It was later used to give concrete proof to the parental relationship between Lauren Paups and Devorae. Afterwards, he used it to point out a contradiction in Paups's testimony, as Devorae was right-handed while she claimed he held the gun in his left hand. It proved useful later on in Kay Faraday's Little Thief re-creation, as while they assumed that the assailant was Devorae, the sword had been held the wrong way.


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