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A commemorative Troupe Gramarye stamp was a piece of evidence in Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Drew Misham.

Poisoned postage[]

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Using the alias "David Krisler", Kristoph Gavin sent a letter to the forgery artist Drew Misham, saying he had deposited $100,000 in the latter's account for a forged diary page. In the same letter, he also told Misham to send a receipt confirming payment using an enclosed envelope and stamp. However, unbeknown to the artist, Gavin had secretly laced said stamp with the deadly poison atroquinine in order to silence him. Unfortunately for Gavin, he had chosen to use a Troupe Gramarye commemorative stamp for the purpose, as Drew Misham's daughter, Vera, adored them. Unwilling to use a stamp featuring something his daughter loved, Drew instead kept it in a frame on his desk, with another stamp being used in its place.

Seven years later, Drew grew fearful about a "magic charm" "Krisler" had given to Vera. Writing a letter to his former client demanding that he remove said charm, he used the commemorative stamp as he had no other substitute at the time. He later succumbed to atroquinine poisoning from the stamp during an interview with Spark Brushel. Although Vera was soon arrested as the prime suspect for her father's death, Apollo Justice was eventually able to prove her innocence and Gavin's guilt in court.