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"Confrontation - Allegro 2009" is the allegro theme used in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth used for rebuttals late in an investigation.

This track's moderato and presto counterparts are "Confrontation - Moderato 2009" and "Confrontation - Presto 2009", respectively.


"Confrontation - Allegro 2009" plays during the following arguments and testimonies in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth:

Turnabout Visitor

  • "Mr. Portsman's Rebuttal" (Jacques Portsman)
  • "Conjecture's Rebuttal" (Jacques Portsman)
  • "Portsman's Alibi" (Jacques Portsman)

Turnabout Airlines

  • "Franziska's Logic" (Franziska von Karma)
  • "Franziska's Logic, Pt. 2" (Franziska von Karma)
  • "Definitive Evidence" (Franziska von Karma)
  • "Ms. Meele's Alibi" (Cammy Meele)
  • "Reason for Suspicion" (Cammy Meele)

The Kidnapped Turnabout

  • "Agent Lang's Logic" (Shi-Long Lang)
  • "Another Bit of Proof" (Shi-Long Lang)
  • "Another Possibility" (Shi-Long Lang)
  • "Chain of Events" (Lauren Paups)
  • "What Ms. Paups Saw" (Lauren Paups)

Turnabout Reminiscence

Turnabout Ablaze

  • "Why Larry? Pt. 2" (Shi-Long Lang)
  • "Shih-na's Movements" (Shih-na)
  • "Border Crossing, Pt. 2" (Shi-Long Lang)
  • "Ambassador Alba's Alibi" (Quercus Alba) — only during rebuttal; "Confrontation - Moderato 2009" plays during testimony
  • "Alba's Alibi, Pt. 2" (Quercus Alba)
  • "Alba's Alibi, Pt. 3" (Quercus Alba)
  • "Movements in Allebahst" (Quercus Alba)