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"Confrontation - Allegro 2011" is the allegro theme used in Gyakuten Kenji 2 used for arguments late in an investigation.

This track's moderato and presto counterparts are "Confrontation - Moderato 2011" and "Confrontation - Presto 2011", respectively.


"Confrontation - Allegro 2011" plays during the following arguments and testimonies in Gyakuten Kenji 2:

Turnabout Target

The Imprisoned Turnabout

The Inherited Turnabout

  • "Mr. Debeste's Shining Logic" (Sebastian Debeste) - only during argument; "Confrontation - Moderato 2011" plays during rebuttal
  • "Their Connection" (Manfred von Karma)
  • "The Zodiac Art Gallery" (Katherine Hall)
  • "What I Did 18 Years Ago" (Katherine Hall)
  • "The P.I.C.'s Logic" (Justine Courtney)
  • "Dessert for the Finals" (Dane Gustavia)

The Forgotten Turnabout

  • "The Letter From Kay" (Justine Courtney)
  • "Franziska's Logic, Pt. 2" (Franziska von Karma)
  • "Summary of the Case" (Justine Courtney)
  • "Edgeworth's Contradiction" (Justine Courtney)
  • "'Cause I'm Gonna Bully You" (Blaise Debeste)
  • "Error in the Autopsy Report" (Karin Jenson)

The Grand Turnabout

  • "Mother and Son Theory" (Shi-Long Lang)
  • "Truth of the SS-5 Incident" (Shi-Long Lang)
  • "Balloon Practice" (Simon Keyes)
  • "Instigating Murder?" (Simon Keyes)