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"Confrontation - Presto 2011" is the presto theme used in Gyakuten Kenji 2 used for arguments very late in an investigation.

This track's moderato and allegro counterparts are "Confrontation - Moderato 2011" and "Confrontation - Allegro 2011", respectively.


"Confrontation - Presto 2011" plays during the following arguments and testimonies in Gyakuten Kenji 2:

Turnabout Target

  • "Knightley's Logic" (Horace Knightley)
  • "Knightley's Logic, Pt. 2" (Horace Knightley)

The Imprisoned Turnabout

The Inherited Turnabout

The Forgotten Turnabout

The Grand Turnabout

  • "During the Rehearsal" (John Marsh)
  • "Dogen's Savior" (Sirhan Dogen)
  • "Dogen and the "Acolyte"" (Sirhan Dogen)
  • "Two Nights Ago" (Simon Keyes)
  • "The Murder of the Double" (Simon Keyes)


  • The Grand Turnabout has the highest number of times where a presto plays, and more testimonies with a presto than an allegro.