I'm afraid I've never seen this dog before...

Connor was a woman who lived in the same neighborhood as Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and Larry Butz when they were children. She was also the original owner of Missile, a Pomeranian that she abandoned as a puppy.

An unwanted dogEdit

Connor decided to abandon Missile in an old delivery box after the dog chewed up her newly bought shoes. Missile was soon found by three elementary school students—Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and Larry Butz—who attempted to return the dog to her. Connor initially pretended to be unfamiliar with the dog, but when Edgeworth warned her that she could be fined for abandoning an animal, she angrily declared she wanted nothing to do with her pet anymore. Wright was appalled by her heartlessness, but Connor simply threatened to have them arrested for trespassing, causing the three boys to leave in disgust.

Immediately following the encounter, Edgeworth decided to adopt the dog with his father's permission.


Phoenix Wright
Don't you have a heart?!
What...? How dare you. I should have you punks arrested for trespassing!

Connor was a callous woman who was willing to abandon her pet dog for petty reasons, regardless of any legal consequences. Although she seemed slightly taken aback by Phoenix Wright's anger towards her uncaring attitude towards her dog, she was unafraid to call the police on him and his friends to get them off her property.


  • Her name was likely chosen for its similarity to her Japanese name, "Kanno" (管野). Ironically, the name means "lover of hounds", the exact opposite of Connor herself.
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