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You may be looking for "Constantin", the French localization name for Knightle, or for Constance Courte from Turnabout Academy.

Constantine is the pet dog of Zacharias Barnham. Although cute, he can be quite aggressive to those either he or his owner dislikes - such as Phoenix Wright.

"Barnham's Wild Ride"Edit

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Constantine was discovered by Barnham shortly after the so-called "Barnham's Wild Ride" incident, and is responsible for the scar just beside the Inquisitor's left eye. However, the two eventually grew to trust each other.


  • His Japanese name "Chūken" is derived from "忠犬" (chūken), which means "faithful dog".
  • "Constantine" is a name derived from the Latin for "constant/steadfast", as well as being the name of a Roman Emperor.
  • His French name "Brasier" comes from the French word "brasier", meaning "blaze".
  • "Ascuas", his Spanish name, comes from the Spanish for "embers".
  • "Scintilla" comes from the Italian for "spark".
  • His Dutch name is "Nero", which was the name of a Roman Emperor; this may be intended to link it with the dog's name in the English version.

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