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You may be looking for "Constantin", the French localization name for Knightle.
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Constantine is the pet dog of Zacharias Barnham. Although cute, he can be quite aggressive to those either he or his owner dislike - such as Phoenix Wright.

"Barnham's Wild Ride"[]

Main article: Tavern Tale

Constantine was discovered by Barnham shortly after the so-called "Barnham's Wild Ride" incident, where a dog spooked his horse during one of the Storyteller's parades. It turned out that said dog was Constantine's mother, and the two had been living in the forest together. Although she passed away shortly after, Constantine continued to steal chickens from a local farm to try to bring to her as food, laying them in a pile next to her body.

The inhabitants of Labyrinthia mistook the theft of chickens and crops as the act of a witch, and one rainy night, the townspeople decided to search for whoever was responsible. Barnham found Constantine during the search and overcoming his fear of dogs, took Constantine with him to Rouge's tavern to protect the dog from being captured by the other knights. Barnham decided to keep the dog and named him "Constantine", as he thought it was a name befitting the dog's actions to protect his mother, and made him a member of the knights. Although Constantine initially disliked Barnham, with an altercation between the two leading to the scar just beside the Inquisitor's left eye, the two eventually grew to trust each other.


  • Japanese - Chūken (チューケン):
    • His Japanese name "Chūken" is derived from "忠犬" (chūken), which means "faithful dog".
  • English - Constantine:
    • "Constantine" is a name derived from the Latin for "constant/steadfast", as well as being the name of a Roman emperor.
  • French - Brasier:
    • His French name "Brasier" comes from the French word "brasier", meaning "blaze", refering to the burning personality of its owner.
  • German - Fassfor
  • Spanish - Ascuas:
    • "Ascuas", his Spanish name, comes from the Spanish word for "embers".
  • Italian - Scintilla:
    • "Scintilla" comes from the Italian word for "spark".
  • Dutch - Nero:
    • His Dutch name is "Nero", which was the name of a Roman Emperor; this may be intended to link it with the dog's name in the English version.