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Contest rules were a piece of evidence in Gregory Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Pierre Hoquet. Written by Jeffrey Master, they lay out the rules for the Great Dessert Contest held at Master's mansion, as well as stating the prizes for winning the contest. A copy of the rules was provided to each contestant.

Dover's murder[]

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Prior to the murder, Master handed out a copy of the rules to all the contestants. Despite them being clearly stated, the three semifinalists broke at least one rule: Dane Gustavia and Isaac Dover collaborated and thus ended up entering each others' rooms from time to time to help the other, and Delicia Scones both used decorations that weren't desserts and entered other contestants' rooms to study their works.

Edgeworth received a copy of the contest rules from pastry chef Dane Gustavia. He later used them to deduce that Delicia Scones had broken the rules, as she had used rock salt lamps and cloths in her entry.


  • Prizes: "Title of World's Greatest Pastry Chef" and "Angel's Recipe Book"
  • Rules:
    • I. Contestant's rooms will be judged, starting from the left. Afterwards, all parties will meet in Master's room.
    • II. Any decorations not made from desserts are prohibited.
    • III. Entering another contestant's room before the judging is done is prohibited.