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Cooper is an odd boy living in Labyrinthia who has made a barrel his home. He becomes very agitated whenever someone else touches his barrel and has a mistrust towards boxes.


  • A "cooper" is a craftsman who makes and repairs barrels.
  • His name in the Spanish version is a play on the English word "barrel".
  • "Riccio" is an Italian word that can mean "hedgehog" (in reference to his spiky hair), "chestnut husk" (in reference to his barrel "shell"), "urchin" (as in a mischievous child or a street child from a poor neighborhood), or "sea urchin" (in reference to both his spiky hair and the "shell" that is his barrel).
  • "Toni", his Dutch name, may be a play on the Dutch word for barrel (ton), or it's diminutive in the Amsterdam accent, "tonnie".

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