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Juan Corrida's Hotel Room
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Corrida's Room
People to meet Wendy Oldbag
Dick Gumshoe
Available evidence Guitar Case
Wine Glass
Spy Camera
Stuffed Bear
Linked locations Hallway (Gatewater Imperial Hotel)
Locations in Gatewater Imperial Hotel
Engarde's hotel roomHallway (Gatewater Imperial Hotel)Corrida's hotel roomViola HallHotel LobbyGatewaterimperial
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Corrida's room was where the Jammin' Ninja actor Juan Corrida stayed while at the Gatewater Imperial Hotel for the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix. It was also where he was killed by an assassin hired by his rival.

The room was filled with stuffed bears, mostly gifts from fans. One of them, however, was a rare, life-sized, imported bear with a spy camera hidden inside one of the eyes. This was actually sent by Corrida's rival, Matt Engarde, in order to record the murder so he could use it to blackmail the assassin if he so chose. The room also had an overabundance of electric items, which made it difficult for Phoenix Wright to search for bugs using Dick Gumshoe's frequency detector.

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