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Cosmos Space Center
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Space Center
Organization info
Organization type Space center
Headquarters Cosmos Space Center
Leader Yuri Cosmos ( - c. December 2027)
An unnamed director (c. December 2027 - )
Organizational structure Director:
  • An unnamed director

Assistant director:

Current staff:

Former staff:


Notable dates
Status Active
Area info
Space Center entrance
Entrance Entrance (Cosmos Space Center)
Enter from Wright Anything Agency
Detention center
Relevant cases The Cosmic Turnabout
Turnabout for Tomorrow
Location info
People to meet Yuri Cosmos
Bobby Fulbright
Aura Blackquill

The Cosmos Space Center is a space center nearby to Los Angeles that conducts research and launches manned rockets into space. It has a dark history, however, having suffered sabotage, two murders, and a bombing.

The first attack[]

Main articles: HAT-1 Miracle & UR-1 Incident

Early October 2020, an international spy who went by the name "the phantom" infiltrated the space center with two goals: to sabotage the HAT-1 rocket launch that was to occur the next day and to destroy a psychological report on himself. First, he planted a bomb on the HAT-1 rocket that would damage many of its critical systems after detonation before moving deeper into the center. The phantom made his way to the robotics lab where he found Dr. Metis Cykes (who had created the psych report) and fatally stabbed her with her katana. He then grabbed the victim's GYAXA jacket, using the built-in ID tag to use the center's robot recognition system, and ornamental Noh mask.

As he was searching for the psychological report, Metis' daughter, Athena, entered the lab, finding her mother dead on the floor. She grabbed a utility knife from a tool kit and proceeded to stab him in the hand and tear the GYAXA jacket, causing blood to splatter onto a moon rock at the scene. He knocked Athena unconscious and noticed the rock. Knowing he couldn't smuggle it out of the center, he planted it in a container in the lab that was due to be placed inside the Hope probe, which would be sent into space with the HAT-1 rocket and therefore destroyed by his sabotage.

Athena eventually woke up and, in both a childlike state of denial and because of her lack of understanding on the differences between humans and robots, ordered Ponco to move Metis' body onto the robot disassembly table, believing that the machinery would "fix" her like it did to the robots.

That's when Metis' student, Simon Blackquill, entered the lab, finding Athena covered in blood and a "far-out look in her eyes". Thinking that she had killed her own mother, he grabbed the murder weapon and forcibly dismantled Ponco, placing her pieces in a rolling case, before removing both the robot and Athena from the lab. Later, the phantom (who returned to the lab to place Metis' jacket at the scene) and two police officers found the body and notified the police. Blackquill was subsequently arrested for the murder.

He plead guilty to the crime, knowing that it was the best way to protect Athena and the phantom's psychological report. Athena tried to explain to the court that Blackquill was innocent, but her plea fell on deaf ears and he was declared guilty. Athena was traumatized by the ordeal causing her to repress almost all of her memories of the murder and Aura Blackquill - Simon Blackquilll's elder sister and close college of Metis - was devastated by the ruling. She grew embittered, antisocial, and nursed a deep hated for Athena and the legal system for taking away those dear to her.

HAT-1 Miracle[]

Despite the murder, the HAT-1 rocket launched according to schedule the next day. The bomb detonated, damaging many of its critical systems. Solomon Starbuck, the astronaut on board, managed to both return the HAT-1 to Earth and send the Hope probe - and unintentionally the bloody moon rock - off into space.

The event captured the public's imagination so much that Starbuck was lauded a hero and the events were made into a movie, the HAT-1 Miracle. Despite that, Starbuck was traumatized by the experience so much that he developed a form of post-traumatic stress disorder and had to take anti-anxiety medication.

History repeats[]

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The anime cutscene of Miles Edgeworth arriving at the Cosmos Space Center is visually unaltered, which means that the text at the front of the building reads "Ohgawara Space Center" instead of "Cosmos Space Center".