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'''Current staff:'''
'''Current staff:'''
* [[Solomon Starbuck]]
* [[Solomon Starbuck]]
'''Former staff:'''
* [[Metis Cykes]] ( - [[UR-1 Incident|October 7, 2020]])
* [[Clay Terran]] ( - [[the Cosmic Turnabout|December 15, 2027]])
* [[Aura Blackquill]] ( - [[Turnabout for Tomorrow|December 20, 2027]])
* [[Ponco]]
* [[Ponco]]

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Cosmos Space Center
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Space Center.png
Organization info
Organization type Space center
Headquarters Cosmos Space Center
Leader Yuri Cosmos ( - c. December 2027)
An unnamed director (c. December 2027 - )
Organizational structure Director:
  • An unnamed director

Assistant director:

Current staff:

Former staff:


Notable dates
Status Active
Area info
Space Center entrance
Entrance Entrance (Cosmos Space Center)‏
Enter from Wright Anything Agency
Detention center
Relevant cases The Cosmic Turnabout
Turnabout for Tomorrow
Location info
People to meet Yuri Cosmos
Bobby Fulbright
Aura Blackquill

The Cosmos Space Center is a space center nearby to Los Angeles that conducts research and launches manned rockets into space. It has a dark history, however, having suffered sabotage, two murders, and a bombing.

The first attack

Main articles: HAT-1 Miracle and UR-1 Incident

History repeats

Main article: The Cosmic Turnabout


Main article: Turnabout for Tomorrow

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