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Counterfeit bills were a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Manny Coachen and Ka-Shi Nou.

Coachen and Nou's murders[]

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The Cohdopian smuggling ring had been printing them since they began. The bills are near-perfect copies of genuine Zheng Fa bills made from Babahlese ink, causing the country's economy to be on the verge of collapse as it made it nearly impossible to tell them apart. The only way to tell real bills from counterfeits is to burn them as the fakes will burn a green flame thanks to the whitcrystal oil in the ink. Franziska von Karma had noted these down and passed the information to Edgeworth. He eventually deduced that Coachen had burned them at the time Colias Palaeno saw the green fire in his office.

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