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This page is about the fansite. For the game mechanic used in the Ace Attorney games to keep track of evidence, see court record.
Court Records Dual Destinies banner

The site's banner after the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

Court Records is an English language fansite dedicated to the Ace Attorney series. Although the site mostly focuses on Ace Attorney, it has been known to occasionally report on other video game series that are in a similar vein (e.g., Hotel Dusk) or by the same creators as the Ace Attorney games (e.g., Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective).


The site was created by Croik in Jan 27, 2006, and initially only contained character profiles, a few sprites, and some basic game information. Croik's intention when creating the site was to provide a single "large resource for anything and everything a fan could want from their favorite series", similar to the fansites she had used ten years prior when she had first gotten into online fandoms. With the help of the users Wooster and Anders, forums were added to Court Records in March of the same year, and, in less than a year, the site had attracted over 1,000 members, who made over 90,000 posts.

Since its creation, the site had followed and reported on just about everything related to Ace Attorney, and has continued to grow and expand with every new game release.


In addition to the site's forums and the Ace Attorney news on its main page, Court Records hosts character sprites, background images, evidence images, and various other miscellaneous images ripped from the Nintendo DS games, as well as both official and unofficial character and game art. Other resources on the site include some case descriptions and walkthroughs for the games.

Court Records also frequently hosts fan competitions on its forums, including an annual "Original Character Contest" and a "Pick Your Prosecutor" contest, with the latter normally being held ahead of the release of a new Ace Attorney game and consisting of fan predictions as to who the newest prosecutor/antagonist will be.

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