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Courtyard (Hazakura Temple)
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People to meet Dick Gumshoe
Available evidence Victim's Staff
Linked locations Main Gate (Hazakura Temple)
Main Hall
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The courtyard of Hazakura Temple was where Bikini witnessed Iris seemingly murdering Elise Deauxnim with the Shichishito.


The courtyard as Sister Bikini & Wright found it.

Due to various vital pieces of evidence in it, the courtyard was a prime source of information for Iris's defense attorney, Phoenix Wright. It was here that Wright and Detective Dick Gumshoe discovered Deauxnim's staff, which was revealed to be a concealed blade. Later, in court, Wright showed that this blade had been used by Godot to kill Deauxnim. Wright also figured out that Deauxnim had really been Misty Fey, the mother of his assistant, Maya Fey. In an attempt to prevent the deceased killer Dahlia Hawthorne from using Pearl Fey to murder Maya, Misty had channeled Hawthorne. Unfortunately, Hawthorne had still tried to kill Maya, who had been training at the garden, and thus Godot had been forced to use Misty's hidden blade to stop her. Iris had then brought the corpse back here and stabbed it with the Shichishito to cover for Godot.