Criminal Affairs Department
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Police Station
Organization info
Organization type Public service
Leader Chief
Hierarchical structure Commissioners and police chiefs - see Police department
Affiliated groups Police department
Prosecutor's office
Established Unknown (1869 in the real Los Angeles)
Status Active
Location info
People to meet Damon Gant
Jake Marshall
Dick Gumshoe
Miles Edgeworth
Franziska von Karma
An unnamed police officer
Linked locations Wright & Co. Law Offices
Hotel Lobby
Police department entrance
Chief's office
Records Room
Gourd Lake Entrance

The Criminal Affairs Department is a public service that forms part of the Los Angeles law enforcement. It primarily consists of detectives. Its jurisdiction is over Los Angeles as well as the surrounding mountains. It has its headquarters across the street from the police department headquarters. It also contains the former office of Damon Gant.


Criminal affairs consists of at least three divisions. Division one is the homicide division where detectives such as Dick Gumshoe and Ema Skye work. Division three is the international division, which has ties with Interpol. One of the divisions is the General Affairs division, where Mike Meekins worked.

Miles Edgeworth's trialEdit

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On Christmas Day in 2016, Miles Edgeworth was arrested for the murder of Robert Hammond. Detective Dick Gumshoe, who had worked alongside Edgeworth for years, realized that the police department was not very interested in looking into the murder too much. Moreover, nobody was willing to take on Edgeworth's defense. Gumshoe ran into Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey at Gourd Lake and brought them up to speed on the situation. Gumshoe begged Wright to take Edgeworth's case, but was informed that Wright had been refused. Their conversation was interrupted when Gumshoe had to go to the Criminal Affairs Department for a briefing, and he told them to go find him there to talk more later.

The police had a primary witness set up for the trial, the old caretaker of the boat rental shop near the lake. However, Lotta Hart later came in to report that she had seen the crime as well. Her noise-activated camera had activated twice, taking a photo of an empty lake and a photo of two men in a boat, one pointing a gun at the other, and Hart had made an enlarged version of the latter photo. Gumshoe interviewed the caretaker and, unable to get a straight answer out of him, replaced him with Hart.

Losing hope, Gumshoe began to slowly fill in the papers for a public defender. Wright met Gumshoe at the precinct afterward and was updated on the events. Later, Wright convinced Edgeworth to hire him as his attorney, and returned to the precinct with the news. Although he was overjoyed with hearing the news, Gumshoe went to the detention center to check up on Edgeworth due to an earthquake that had just passed through the area.

In court the next day, prosecutor Manfred von Karma tried to prevent the existence of the enlarged photo due to it revealing the fact that Edgeworth had not fired the gun that night, but Wright and Fey managed to make Hart show the photo, which raised enough questions to eventually adjourn the trial for the day. The police all regrouped at Criminal Affairs later that day and discussed Edgeworth's motive. Hammond had been the defense attorney for Yanni Yogi, the lone suspect in the DL-6 Incident, the murder of Gregory Edgeworth, and this was theorized as the reason for the murder. Meanwhile, Gumshoe was approached by Wright and Fey in their attempts to find information on Gourdy, explaining that it was in "exchange" for information from Hart. Gumshoe volunteered his assistance through the police department's "secret weapons": the cute, bright eyed K-9 training police dog Missile, Gumshoe's old worn and tattered fishing pole, and a metal detector.

Wright took the metal detector to the boat rental shop and discovered Gourdy's true form: an air tank that had fallen into the lake after a mishap. Hart was disappointed but stayed true to her word and revealed to Wright that the boat shop caretaker was the original witness. Wright interviewed him at his shack but, like Gumshoe, could not get a straight answer out of him. When they were about to leave, Fey asked whether they had forgotten something, and Polly, the caretaker's parrot, answered, "Don't forget DL-6!"

The pair confronted Gumshoe at the precinct with what they had just heard. Wright asked Gumshoe for access to the files from the DL-6 Incident. Gumshoe explained that Edgeworth had expressly forbidden him from looking it up, but since there seemed to be a connection to Edgeworth's current predicament, the detective opened up the Records Room to the two. The two retrieved some of the DL-6 case files in preparation for the trial.

Lana Skye's trialEdit

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Wright met Damon Gant to get permission into the evidence room on the second day, and the Chief of Police and Dick Gumshoe on the third day to find out the location and how to get into Gant's office respectively.

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