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Redd White
Mr. Your Honor... My stomach, you see, it is hurting...
Phoenix Wright
Deal with it. This is almost over.

"Cross-Examination - Allegro 2001" is a music track from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is used throughout the game during later cross-examinations in a trial chapter, with "Cross-Examination - Moderato 2001" being used earlier on. Outside of the courtroom, the track is also used when Phoenix Wright deduces the truth about Robert Hammond's murder in Turnabout Goodbyes. It is part of the recurring "Cross-Examination" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series.

The track also features in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney during the "Seven Years Earlier" section of Turnabout Succession.


"Cross-Examination - Allegro 2001" plays during the following testimonies in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney:

The First Turnabout[]

  • "Hearing the Time" (Frank Sahwit) — only during cross-examination; "Cross-Examination - Moderato 2001" plays during testimony

Turnabout Sisters[]

  • "Miss May's Room Service" (Bellboy)
  • "The Two Accounts" (Redd White)
  • "The Wiretapping" (Redd White)

Turnabout Samurai[]

Turnabout Goodbyes[]

Rise from the Ashes[]

Turnabout Succession[]