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Mr. Sahwit, you may proceed with your testimony. Please tell the court what you saw on the day of the murder.

"Cross-Examination - Moderato 2001" is a music track from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is used throughout the game during initial cross-examinations in a trial chapter, with "Cross-Examination - Allegro 2001" being used later on. Outside of the courtroom, the track is also used when Miles Edgeworth explains the meaning of the King of Prosecutors Trophy in Rise from the Ashes. It is part of the recurring "Cross-Examination" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series.

The track also features in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney during the "Seven Years Earlier" section of Turnabout Succession.


"Cross-Examination - Moderato 2001" plays during the following testimonies in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney:

The First Turnabout[]

  • "Witness's Account" (Frank Sahwit)
  • "The Time of Discovery" (Frank Sahwit)
  • "Hearing the Time" (Frank Sahwit) — only during testimony; "Cross-Examination - Allegro 2001" plays during cross-examination

Turnabout Sisters[]

  • "Maya Fey's Arrest" (Dick Gumshoe)
  • "Hard Evidence" (Dick Gumshoe)
  • "Witness's Account" (April May)
  • "Witness's Account" (April May) — second testimony
  • "Witness's Account" (Redd White)
  • "She Ran to the "Left"" (Redd White)

Turnabout Samurai[]

  • "Witness's Account" (Wendy Oldbag)
  • "The Man in the Photo" (Wendy Oldbag)
  • "Witness's Account, cont." (Wendy Oldbag)
  • "The Other Person" (Wendy Oldbag)
  • "The Day of the Murder" (Sal Manella)
  • "The Break" (Sal Manella)
  • "Witness's Account" (Cody Hackins)
  • "What I Saw" (Cody Hackins)
  • "The Day of the Murder" (Dee Vasquez)

Turnabout Goodbyes[]

  • "The Arrest of Edgeworth" (Dick Gumshoe)
  • "Witness's Account" (Lotta Hart)
  • "That Last Statement" (Lotta Hart) — only during cross-examination; statement is not given as testimony
  • "How Edgeworth Was Seen" (Lotta Hart)
  • "The Night of the Murder" ("Old Caretaker")
  • "The Night of the Murder" (Larry Butz)
  • "What Larry Heard" (Larry Butz)
  • "Why I Left Court" ("Old Caretaker")
  • "Who Is Your Owner?" (Polly)
  • "The DL-6 Incident" (Miles Edgeworth)

Rise from the Ashes[]

  • "Witness's Account" (Angel Starr)
  • "Angel's Deduction" (Angel Starr)
  • "Department in Disorder" (Damon Gant)
  • "Crime Report, Sir!" (Mike Meekins)
  • "Mystery Man" (Mike Meekins)
  • "Day of the Crime" (Jake Marshall)
  • "Bloodstained Fingerprints" (Jake Marshall)
  • "Two Years Ago" (Ema Skye)
  • "Ema's Picture" (Ema Skye)
  • "SL-9 Incident" (Damon Gant)
  • "Evidence & Forgery" (Damon Gant)
  • "Gant & The Fabrication" (Lana Skye)
  • "Jar & Message in Blood" (Lana Skye)

Turnabout Succession[]

  • "The Circumstances" (Dick Gumshoe)
  • "The Night of the Crime" (Valant Gramarye)