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A pair of crossbow bolts (initially thought to be hair sticks) were a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Manny Coachen and Ka-Shi Nou.

Coachen and Nou's murders[]

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Sometime after being given the Allebahstian Ambassador's Office at the Cohdopian Embassy, Quercus Alba used the crossbow bolts as support sticks for the passionflowers he was growing in a window box.

On the night of Nou's murder, Alba used two of the bolts to fire the ends of a wire to the Babahlese side of the embassy. This allowed his accomplice, Shih-na, to tie both ends together to create a makeshift pulley, which they used to switch the two countries' Primidux Statues. After the Prmidux Statues were switched, the two bolts were kept in Shih-na's possession and disguised as hair sticks.

Later, Shih-na dropped the crossbow bolts at Kay Faraday's feet when she was caught. She let her keep them. Faraday gave them to Edgeworth, who used them to clear up the contradiction between the amount of flowers Franziska von Karma saw and the ones in the window planter at the time.


  • Although labeled as "arrows" in the organizer, crossbow ammunition is actually referred to as "bolts".

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