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Cutter is a large man living in Labyrinthia who, despite looking intimidating, is actually very kindhearted.

Falsely accused[]

Main article: The Great Witch

At some point Cutter signed a contract with Labrelum Inc. in order to have his memories suppressed and live a new life as a resident of Labyrinthia.

When a thief was on the loose in Labyrinthia, Cutter worked with his fellow citizens to catch the criminal, and even devised a plan to ensure that every part of the town was being watched. Unfortunately, the town's knights arrested him on suspicion of being the very thief he was trying to help catch simply due to his physical appearance. Luckily for Cutter, Hershel Layton and Luke Triton were nearby, and the pair quickly cleared his name by showing the knights how his plan was possible. He expressed his sincere gratitude to his saviours before taking his leave.

A night-time reunion[]

Main article: A Taste of Despair

Cutter would meet Triton again in a seedy alley at night in the more disreputable part of town after the boy escaped with Espella Cantabella and Phoenix Wright from Maya Fey's witch trial. At first, Cutter did not recognize Triton, and angrily told them to go home due to the late hour. However, once he realized he was talking to the boy who had helped him previously, he calmed down and led them to Rouge's tavern. Although Rouge was suspicious of the strangers at first, as Cantabella was accused of being the Great Witch Bezella at the time, she agreed to help them after being told that Zacharias Barnham had asked them to see her.


Cutter is a skilled sculptor who is adept at quickly making good sculptures. Unfortunately, due to his fearsome appearance, he struggles to find willing human subjects. As a result of this, he normally uses himself as the model.

Despite his appearance, Cutter is rather sensitive emotionally, and has a habit of crying when happy or sad. He also carries a chisel, small blocks of white stone for sculpting, and various finished sculptures.


  • Japanese - Enzāi (エンザーイ):
    • His Japanese name "Enzāi" (エンザーイ) is a play on "enzai" (冤罪), which means "false accusation".
  • English - Cutter:
    • His English name is likely meant to be both a reference to his intimidating appearance (i.e., looking like the sort of person who would threaten another with a knife) and his sculpting.
  • French - Boris
  • German - Bill Hauer:
    • "Bill Hauer" is a play on "bildhauer", which means "sculptor" in German.
  • Dutch - Hammer:
    • His Dutch name "Hammer" is likely meant to be in reference to his sculpting.
  • Italian - Bruto:
    • His Italian name "Bruto" translates as "brute", which is ironic.
  • Spanish - Gubio:
    • His Spanish name is derived from "gubia", which translates to "gouge", a kind of cutting tool.