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Metis Cykes

Athena Cykes mugshot

Athena Cykes

Cykes is a family name that may refer to the following:

Family historyEdit


  • The family name in the Japanese version is "Kizuki", which consists of kanji that can mean "rare/hope" (希) and "month/moon" (月). This can make the surname mean "rare moon", "rare month", "moon of hope", or "month of hope"; the names "rare moon" and "moon of hope" make sense with the events of Turnabout for Tomorrow, since Athena's moon rock earring was a key piece of evidence in convicting Metis' murderer. The family name also sounds similar to "kitzuki" (気付き), which means "to notice", referring to Athena's ability to notice subtle emotions from people's voices.
  • "Cykes" may be a play on "psychology" or "psyched".
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