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The DL-6 Case File is a report on the DL-6 Incident stored in the Los Angeles police department's records room. It proved vital to Phoenix Wright when he defended Miles Edgeworth, who was accused of murdering Robert Hammond. Using the information in the file, Wright was able to prove that the apparently senile old man who lived in the Gourd Lake caretaker's shack was actually Yanni Yogi, the prime suspect in the DL-6 Incident. The file then allowed Wright to figure out who the true culprit in the Incident was.


Case Summary[]

12/28, 2001
Elevator, District Court.
Air in elevator was oxygen depleted at time of incident.
No clues found on the scene.

Victim Data[]

Gregory Edgeworth (Age 35)
Defense attorney. Trapped in elevator returning from a lost trial with son Miles (Age 9).
One bullet found in heart. The murder weapon was fired twice.

Suspect Data[]

Yanni Yogi (Age 37)
Court bailiff, trapped with the Edgeworths. Memory loss due to oxygen deprivation.
After his arrest, fiancee Polly Jenkins committed suicide.

The incident[]

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On December 28, 2001, Gregory Edgeworth and his son Miles had just left the courtroom. Although Gregory had lost the trial, he was able to prove that prosecutor Manfred von Karma had tampered with evidence, giving von Karma the first penalty in his career.

After an earthquake, the Edgeworths became trapped in the courthouse elevator along with Yanni Yogi, a court bailiff. After several hours, a mixture of panic and oxygen deprivation led to Yogi attacking Gregory. Miles, fearing for his father's safety, threw a gun at his feet in their direction. Meanwhile, von Karma was approaching the elevator. The gun went off and hit von Karma, who was outside the elevator doors at the time, in the shoulder. The prosecutor screamed in pain just as the trapped men fainted. The elevator door opened and von Karma, seeing a gun and the man who gave him his only penalty, took the weapon and killed Gregory Edgeworth. Von Karma fled the scene and took a six-month vacation, the only one he ever took, to recover from the bullet wound, although he was unable to remove it.

Lacking evidence, the desperate police force called a spirit medium to help them solve the case. She channeled the victim, who accused Yogi of killing him. Yogi was put on trial, but his defense attorney Robert Hammond secured an acquittal through a claim that Yogi had suffered temporary insanity from oxygen deprivation.


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On December 24, 2016, fifteen years after the DL-6 Incident, Robert Hammond was killed and Miles Edgeworth was arrested as the prime suspect. Von Karma was chosen to prosecute this case, and Miles requested Phoenix Wright as his attorney.

During the trial, an apparently senile boat rental shop caretaker was called to the witness stand. After his testimony was over, he fled the court, only to be found the next day. On the last day of the trial, which was also the final day before the DL-6 Incident was closed forever, Wright proved the caretaker to be Yogi in disguise with the help of the DL-6 Case File. Using the information in the file, the defense attorney proved the caretaker's involvement with the DL-6 Incident since he had named his pet parrot Polly after his dead fiancée, and his safe number was the date of the incident itself.

Although Edgeworth confessed that he had killed his father all those years ago, with the help of the case file Wright proved that Edgeworth was mistaken and that von Karma was the real killer.