An artists impression of Gregory Edgeworth (Left), Yanni Yogi (Center) and Miles Edgeworth (Right) in the elevator

The DL-6 Incident is an important case in the Ace Attorney world, which links to the lives of many of the people in it; as well as a general term for the events that the case was based around. It was the focus of the trial 'State VS Yogi' where the Defendant, Yanni Yogi, was accused of Killing the victim, Gregory Edgeworth. It was also the first, and last time a spirit medium was used in an investigation, as the defendant escaped prosecution when he pleaded Temporary Insanity and the medium that was used at the time, Misty Fey, became a scapegoat.

Warning:Spoilers follow

The Incident

Gregory Edgeworth had just finished a trial in which he faced famous prosecutor Manfred von Karma, and although he lost he managed to prove that von Karma had tampered with a piece of evidence. The presiding judge decided to give von Karma a penalty; the first he had ever received. Gregory then found his son, Miles Edgeworth, and they entered one of the Court's lifts; along with a Bailiff called Yanni Yogi.

Unexpectedly, an earthquake shook the building and the power to the building cut, leaving the lifts three passengers trapped and running out of air. At the same time, Manfred von Karma was in the evidence room mulling over his new penalty, and when the lights went out he decided to try to find his way out of the courthouse. By that time the atmosphere in the elevator was extremely tense, and Yogi began to panic, causing him to attack Gregory Edgeworth. Miles picked up a gun that he found and shouted at Yogi to let his father go. He threw the gun towards them just as von Karma was passing the elevator. The gun went off, and the bullet passed through the elevator doors and into von Karma's shoulder. He let out a hideous scream just as the occupants of the lift lost consciousness.


Manfred von Karma entering the elevator, gun in hand

Immediately afterwards, the power returned to the building and the elevator doors opened. Von Karma calmly picked up the gun and shot Gregory Edgeworth in the heart. He then left the crime scene quickly, leaving the police few leads in their investigation.

The Summoning and Trial

As they didn't have many ideas on who to charge for the murder, they decided to use a medium to contact the victim. Because of the popularity and power of Kurain Village, they asked the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique, Misty Fey. The channeling itself was a success, but the spirit Gregory Edgeworth said that it was Yogi who murdered him. This could either be because he was mistaken, or because he believed that his son was the one who accidentally shot him when he threw the gun.

Either way, the police began to gather their evidence to try to convict Yogi; including Miles' Testimony. In response to this, Yogi hired Defense Attorney Robert Hammond to get him off the hook. However, since the evidence was pretty condemning and he only cared about winning the trial for himself, he asked Yogi to plead Temporary Insanity due to the oxygen deficiency (The evidence itself seemed to agree with this plea, especially as Yogi attacked the victim before they passed out). Yogi was found innocent and was free to go.


The police photo of the crime scene

The After-Effect

The major upshot of the DL6 Incident was the orphaning of Gregory's son Miles. With no-one to look after him, Manfred von Karma, who had just arrived from his convalescing holiday, took him in. It was during their time together that Miles learned his Prosecuting skills, as well as his utter distain for criminals and almost illegal methods. This was also where he met von Karma's daughter, Franziska von Karma and they formed a strong sibling bond.

Misty Fey's life on the other hand was ruined. Information seeker Redd White found out who the medium was from senior Defense Attorney Marvin Grossberg and sold it to the media. Not only was her credibility destroyed, but also the whole Fey clan's credibility with it. Because of this, she left her family behind and vanished from Society, leaving the Mastership of Kurain to one of her children when the time of waiting expires. Redd White used the police search for the information leaker to blackmail Grossberg into paying him money and items that he liked, setting him up for his position as CEO of Bluecorp.

Yanni Yogi didn't have much luck either. His plea of insanity lost him his job, and his credibility. It also lost him his Girlfriend at the time, Polly, as she committed suicide. He also decided to hide, creating a new life for himself as the keeper of the boating shack at Gourd Lake, and buying a parrot to keep himself company (Which he also named Polly). He never forgot the pain he had been subjected to, and he blamed the whole thing on Hammond. It was this that gave him the motive to take action against the man who had lost him everything when the perfect opportunity arose.

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