Dahlia Hawthorne
Forgive me. It's just hilarious...
W-Witness? Is that you?
Dahlia Hawthorne
You amuse me, woman! MS. MIA FEY... [...] You can certainly weave an exciting tale... Naturally... you have the evidence to back it up, don't you?

"Dahlia Hawthorne - The Visage of What Once Was" is a music track in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations that is primarily the character theme of Dahlia Hawthorne, but is also used for her twin sister, Iris. The track itself has a slow and calm theme, reflecting the aura of distant serenity and mysteriousness that both sisters display. For Hawthorne, the track forms part of her façade as a gentle, sweet, charming woman who, in truth, hides a deeper anger and hatred of the people in her life. For Iris, the track is used to allude to her sister, but also to reflect the genuine personality that Hawthorne merely fakes.

During Hawthorne's exorcism in Bridge to the Turnabout, a version of the track without the melody notes is used.

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