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Dali is a female Asian elephant who is part of the Berry Big Circus. She was used in the circus's stage show that visited the local prison when Horace Knightley was murdered.

Circus elephantEdit

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Dali was part of the circus performance that Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Pearl Fey attended prior to the murder of Ringmaster Russell Berry.

The "love triangle"Edit

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Two years after the resolution of the Russell Berry murder case, Dali, Regent, and Simon Keyes performed at the local prison. The plot of said show consisted of a romantic tale about the forbidden love between an elephant and a tiger, with a mischievous monkey also being involved to form a love triangle. However, because the circus's monkey was much smaller than his co-stars, Keyes took on the role instead.

The final trick in the show initially required Keyes to be literally blown away by Dali's trunk in order to break up the "love triangle", although he managed to find an alternative method via a device he set up himself. During the show, he used this device to allow him to pass behind a high curtain and make his exit, thereby giving him fifteen minutes without an alibi. When Horace Knightley was found dead in one of the prison's workrooms, Justine Courtney used this fifteen minute gap to argue that Keyes could have killed Knightley during this time.

During Miles Edgeworth's investigation in the prison courtyard, he noticed a crate of apples during Little Thief's reenactment of the scene during the show.

Betrayed by a trainerEdit

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