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Dance of Deduction, or Logic and Reasoning Spectacular, is a gameplay element found in investigation chapters of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve in which Herlock Sholmes and Ryunosuke Naruhodo (or Yujin Mikotoba in The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo) both use abductive reasoning to come to a conclusion based on logical observations made of their environment and other characters. The process begins with Sholmes making logical inferences to come to a conclusion; however, such conclusions are often bizarrely incorrect (such as the gravity reversing in a room) due to being drawn from logical, yet incorrect, abduction. After Sholmes's initial reasoning, it is up to the protagonist to steer Sholmes towards the actual truth by putting his line of logic on the right track.


Cases with Dance of Deduction[]

Episode Subject(s) Topic 1 Conclusion 1 First set of relevant locations/evidence Review Conclusion 1 Topic 2 Conclusion 2 Second set of relevant locations/evidence Review Conclusion 2
The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band Nikolina Pavlova (originally disguised as Grimesby Roylott) Old Man's Identity A revolutionary on the run Golden locks and Article About Ballerina A ballerina on the run Wrongdoing Kidnapping of a young ballerina Tiara and Rules of Passage Possession of a prohibited animal
Nikolina Pavlova & Bif Strogenov Intruder's Identity A beloved speckled snake Claw scratch, little kitten (after examining photograph frame), and cat's toy (after examining "snake's sloughed skin") A beloved kitten How Mr. Asogi Died Death by a venomous snake's bite Post-Mortem Report, Mark on Floor, wastepaper basket (after examining), and Pavlova & Darka Photograph Death by tripping over a cat (Never died, and really pushed by Pavlova)
Nikolina Pavlova & Bif Strogenov Ink stain, Crime Scene Photograph, fist, right ear or left ear, and wardrobe
The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro John & Joan Garrideb Nature of the Beast A rampaging Asiatic lion Newlywed bride (after examining photograph frame) and wedding ring The raging wife of Mr. Garrideb Aftermath Carpet gnawed on by the starving lion Slapped cheek, love note (after examining bookmark), and candlestick Carpet scorched by a small fire
The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story Ashley Graydon (As Eggert Benedict and then A.G.) Mystery Man's Aim To tunnel underneath the pawnbrokery Info about Miss Lestrade (after examining scribbled writing), initialling, and split seam To abscond with a redeemed item Great Crime To steal the Great Exhibition's reserve funds Notelet and Music Box Disk (after examining note on B-side) To acquire an item deposited by Mr. McGilded
The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro Soseki Natsume & William Shamspeare (unconscious from strychnine poisoning) Cause of Death Poisoning from soap ingestion Other piece of soap and teacup Poison in the tea (was actually gas from a broken gas pipe) Suicide or Murder? No possible perpetrator present Other teacup and pile of familiar books (after examining pile of books) Soseki Natsume at the scene
The Return of the Great Departed Soul Esmeralda Tusspells Waxwork's Fate Sold for cash Ransom note (after examining note on the wall) and waxwork hand (after examining hand of Madame) Kidnapped! Waxwork Location Discovered already Shoulder stub and twitch Still a mystery
Susato Mikotoba & Enoch Drebber's room Flipped Furniture Because gravity was reversed Upright vase and safe combination To find the safe combination Missing Engineer Escaped via the skylight Shoe, Crossbow, and large safe Inside the safe
Twisted Karma and His Last Bow Iris Wilson & Yujin Mikotoba (covered up & unconscious from a blow to the face) Man's Identity The King of Germany Gramophone and Kazuma Asogi profile Yujin Mikotoba Girl's Silence To hide the coffee cup Metal chest, key, and case file To hide the case file
The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo Tchikin Strogenov & Seishiro Jigoku's first-class cabin Glass containing ice, Rules of Passage, wad of banknotes, large trunk, and "5231045"