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Daryan Crescend
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Daryan Crescend
Say "hi" for me, OK? Oh, and "screw you".

Daryan Crescend was the second guitarist of the Gavinners, and a detective for the international division of the Criminal Affairs Department.

He was called as a witness during the Romein LeTouse murder trial.

The Borginian cocoon[]

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Incuritis is a disease only curable by a potent antidote from the Borginian cocoon. However, this cocoon can also be used to create a deadly poison and thus it is illegal to export them. In fact, such an act is so serious that, in the cocoon's home country of Borginia, the penalty for smuggling Borginian cocoons is death. Because of this, when the Chief Justice found that his son had contracted the deadly disease, he resorted to desperate measures to save his son.

The Chief Justice made a deal with Daryan Crescend to have him smuggle a cocoon into the United States. To this end, Crescend contacted Machi Tobaye, the pianist of the Borginian singer Lamiroir, and had him obtain a cocoon while Crescend's bandmate, Klavier Gavin, was visiting the country. Tobaye stashed the cocoon inside an acoustic guitar that Lamiroir gave to Gavin as a gift. He also planted a small incendiary device inside, which could be remotely detonated to destroy the evidence if they were caught. Since Gavin was using an evidence shipping company that was exempt from customs, the cocoon soon found itself in the United States.

Crescend then stole Gavin's keys in order to open the guitar case, but found himself unable to retrieve the cocoon as the guitar was sealed in standard evidence wrapping. He instead planned to take it out after the upcoming Gavinners concert, in which Gavin was to use the guitar for his performance of "The Guitar's Serenade" with Lamiroir and Tobaye. Unfortunately for Crescend, Lamiroir's bodyguard, Romein LeTouse, revealed himself to be an undercover Interpol agent and confronted Crescend during the performance of "The Guitar's Serenade". Thinking quickly, Crescend had Tobaye destroy the cocoon using the remote incendiary device he had planted inside the guitar, and then killed LeTouse by shooting him in the shoulder with the agent's own .45 magnum revolver. Crescend hurt himself firing the powerful weapon, resulting in him missing his cue during the third set of the concert.

Tobaye was put on trial for the murder, as firecrackers had been exploded to create fake gunshots that made it seem as if LeTouse had been shot during the third set. However, the entire plot was eventually uncovered by defense attorney Apollo Justice, who had been present at the concert during the murder, and Crescend was revealed as the true killer. After Justice pointed out that Tobaye would avoid the death penalty for smuggling the cocoon by getting convicted in the United States, Crescend broke down on the witness stand while trying to bargain with him and begging him not to talk. Before being taken away, Gavin told Crescend that it had been nice rocking with him.


Daryan Crescend was usually very serious and collected, keeping a cool and professional demeanor, but he could be easily provoked. He could also be very condescending, showing great confidence in his own abilities and wasting no time in relishing in the apparent failures of others, but he became increasingly infuriated and desperate when he was cornered. The judge described the smuggler who made the deal with the Chief Justice as a cowardly opportunist, shortly before it was revealed that Crescend was said smuggler. Before the smuggling incident, he had a good relationship with both the police force and his fellow band members.


  • Japanese - Daian Mayudzuki (眉月大庵):
    • "Mayudzuki" (眉月) comes from "mayu-suki" (繭好き), which means "likes cocoon" in Japanese. It also contains the kanji for "moon" (月).
  • English - Daryan Crescend:
    • "Daryan" reflects his Japanese given name "Daian". "Daryan" itself is a Persian romanization of "داريان",‎ which is a place name shared by four locations in Iran. In the Pashto language, the name "Daryan" (داريان) can also be Latinized to "Darwin".
    • "Crescend" likely comes from "crescendo", a musical term meaning "to get gradually louder". It may also be a reference to the kanji for "moon" in his Japanese surname (as in a "crescent moon"). Crescend's hair is also in the shape of a crescendo sign, to a degree, and after he breaks down, it looks similar to a decrescendo sign, which is a musical term meaning "to get gradually softer".
  • Chinese - Àijiǎn Dà’ān (艾簡大庵):
    • "Àijiǎn" (艾簡) can also be written as "愛繭", which means "likes cocoon" in Chinese.


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Raul Quitarra: [1]
    • "Raul" is a reference to Raul Seixas, a great Brazilian guitarist.
    • "Quitarra" comes from the Latin quitarra, which means guitar, this goes back to him being a guitarist.
      • It also only have one letter difference with guitarra (guitar).


  • Crescend's clothing appears to be shark themed. The collar is lined with what can be assumed to be zipper teeth and the inside of his clothes is red. This gives his collar a look similar to the mouth of a shark. The pull tab on the zipper seems to be similar to the tooth shape of the prehistoric megalodon shark.
  • Following the shark theme of his clothing, his white-tipped hair may be a reference to the oceanic whitetip shark, a particularly aggressive species of shark. The jutting shape of the hair also resembles the long snout of a goblin shark.
  • Shu Takumi recycled Crescend's name from a list that he had previously prepared when trying to come up with names for prosecutors.
  • During Tatsuro Iwamoto's early days at Capcom, he drew a character with two eyepatches, and he wanted to use him as Daryan Crescend, but Takumi rejected the design. Thus, the current design was used. The eyepatches were later implemented onto Shi-Long Lang's design, though with him they were X-shaped sunglasses instead of eyepatches.
  • His guitar, nicknamed Geeter, appears to be a Gibson SG.
  • Crescend is the only culprit in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney who is not perceived.