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Elise Deauxnim.


Laurice Deauxnim.


"Milise Deauxnim".

Deauxnim is an alias used by two individuals:

Real name - Misty Fey (Former Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique)
Real name - Larry Butz (Various former occupations)


  • The name "Deauxnim" may be a play on "pseudonym", or it could be a combination of a corruption of "deux" (meaning "two") and the suffix "-nym". The "-nym" suffix is a variant of "-onym", a suffix from an Ancient Greek word for "name". This would give the meaning of her surname as "two name", suitable since she has two names; her real name and her alias.

See also[]

Miles Edgeworth, to whom Larry Butz gives the nickname "Milise Deauxnim".

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