Not to be confused with Dee Vasquez.
Sending you some good vibes while you grab some quick bites, it's your portable lunch date, Delicious Dee!
Larry Butz
She's sweet and yummy!

Dee, also known as Delicious Dee and Darlin' Dee, was a radio personality who performed during midday hours as a "portable lunch date", while also reporting the news and taking music requests.

Reconnecting friendsEdit

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In 2004, immediately after reporting a missing dog named Napalm in Lordly Tailor with a $5,000 reward, Dee played the theme song to Signal Samurai as a request from Phoenix Wright, who hoped Miles Edgeworth would hear the song in an effort to get in touch with him ever since he moved away following Gregory Edgeworth's death. The ploy was successful, as Edgeworth recognized it was from Wright after Dee read a message from him wishing his friend well.

Unbeknownst to Dee, the song would immediately become an essential clue that Edgeworth used against Goldy Gerwitz, who schemed to claim the reward for finding Napalm, setting him on the path of becoming a genius prosecutor under Manfred von Karma's tutelage.


Dee was mainly known by her DJ persona as a friendly and cheerful "lunch date". She also showed concern when reporting the news of a missing dog in Lordly Tailor, and gave her best wishes to Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth's friendship after reading the former's message to the latter over the radio. Whether or not this matched her actual personality is unknown.


  • "Tomorina" is a combination of the Japanese word "tomo" (友), meaning "friend" or "companion", and the feminine name suffix "-rina".
  • "Dee" is possibly derived from the first letter in "DJ", referencing her occupation.
  • Her French surname is a homophone of "midi", meaning "midday".
  • Her Spanish name combines "-rina" with "compañero", meaning "companion".
  • Her Italian name comes from "pasticcino", which means "pastry".
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