District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2
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People to meet Mia Fey
Larry Butz
Maya Fey
Miles Edgeworth
Ema Skye
Lana Skye
Trucy Wright
Wocky Kitaki
Winfred Kitaki
Machi Tobaye
Zak Gramarye
Mike Meekins
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Defendant Lobby No. 2 of the District Court is one of the lobbies used by defense attorneys to meet with their clients and plan their case in court.

Notable eventsEdit

Lobby No. 2 was where prosecutor Byrne Faraday and the small-time criminal Mack Rell were murdered by a smuggling ring agent going by the name of Calisto Yew. It was also where Trucy Enigmar used her "Mr. Hat" puppet to lure away the court bailiff while her father escaped.

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