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Deid Mann was the victim in the second KG-8 incident. He was a staff member of the Cohdopian Embassy in the United States, but when he discovered his employers' involvement in a smuggling ring, he went to the police as a witness. However, he was assassinated before he could go to court. Nonetheless, what he had started was carried on seven years later.


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We Deid

Mann's murder.

Quercus Alba, Cohdopia's ambassador to the United States, was the leader of the smuggling ring, and he saw Mann as a threat once he submitted himself as a witness to the embassy's smuggling activities. In addition to this, the Yatagarasu had stolen a special key from the embassy and was closing in on its target, the mastermind of the ring. Alba tasked one of his agents, who was spying on the Yatagarasu as a mole, to neutralize both of these threats. To this end, the agent, hired a hitman, Mack Rell, to kill Mann. However, he was caught on camera and promptly arrested.

The agent then took the special key and sent it to the police, whereupon it became known as the Yatagarasu's Key. This prompted Byrne Faraday, a prosecutor who was one of the three people comprising the Yatagarasu, to take the key to Rell's trial. As the agent instructed, Rell claimed that Faraday was the Yatagarasu, abruptly pausing the trial and causing Faraday to take Rell to a defendant lobby. This was when the agent entered the defendant lobby to kill Faraday. She then had Rell play the video depicting Mann's murder before killing him as well, and the gunshot in the video was used to throw off the time of the murders. However, Miles Edgeworth investigated these murders and figured out what had happened, but the agent managed to escape with the Yatagarasu's Key.

Edgeworth and others went on to confront Quercus Alba seven years later and finally brought him to justice.


  • Japanese/English - Dīdo Man (ディード•マン)/Deid Mann:
    • Both his English and Japanese names are plays on "dead man."
  • French (Unofficial) - Kad Havre:
    • In the unofficial French translation of this game, his name is "Kad Havre," which is a pun on "Cadavre," meaning corpse.


  • Both Mann and Ka-Shi Nou have beards in their official art, despite not having them in their mugshots. This makes them and Akbey Hicks the only characters whose official art differs from their final designs.