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Desirée DeLite
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Desirée DeLite
I like to shop so much it makes Ron's head spin!

Desirée "Dessie" DeLite is the motorcycle enthusiast and shopaholic wife of Ron DeLite.

High-maintenance spouse[]

Main article: The Stolen Turnabout

Ron scaring off the robbers.

Prior to meeting her husband, Desirée was attacked by two robbers in her former workplace. However, Ron DeLite, who was working as a security guard at the time, saved her from the two criminals by yelling at them so loudly that they ran off terrified. She instantly fell in love with him and soon enough the two were wed. However, Ron's income alone couldn't support Desirée's shopping habits, so he tried to steal and disclose private information regarding his employer KB Security, but was caught and fired.

Ron couldn't tell Desirée about his crime due to her hatred of criminals, nor could he tell her about losing his job due to shame. Desperate to maintain her lifestyle in fear of her leaving him, he secretly (due to his wife's aforementioned hatred) took on the alias of the "master thief" known as "Mask☆DeMasque". Ron, as Mask☆DeMasque, initially only stole one precious object, but his true identity was figured out by an anonymous individual who sent him plans for more heists and blackmailed him with his true identity to steal again and again.

Despite the increasing amount of Mask☆DeMasque memorabilia in their apartment on the 3rd floor of Palazzo Pelpepe, Desirée remained in denial about Ron's secret identity, putting it down to her husband simply being DeMasque's "biggest fan". Even after a confession straight from Ron's mouth, Desirée thought he was just being "delusional", and believed that he was earning the money for her to continue her shopaholic lifestyle from his job at KB Security.

Eventually, Ron was, in fact, charged with a crime connected to Mask☆DeMasque, namely the theft of the Sacred Urn. During the ensuing trial, Desirée found the urn in Atmey's office and headed to the courtroom to submit it as evidence pointing to Luke Atmey, the "Ace Detective" in charge of protecting the urn, as the real culprit. Atmey's fingerprints were the only ones on the urn, and because the urn had been wiped prior to the theft, this made Atmey the only possible culprit.

Unfortunately for Ron, he was arrested once again on suspicion of murdering his former boss at KB Security, Kane Bullard. At the time of the murder, Desirée was being stopped for speeding on her motorcycle.

Desirée and Ron DeLite visiting the Zodiac Art Gallery.

Months after Ron's acquittal, the couple visited the Zodiac Art Gallery to admire the works of the late French sculptor Pierre Hoquet, although judging from their conversation, they may have been contemplating some thievery as well.



Desirée has a bad habit of overspending while shopping. Out of love, her husband did whatever was necessary to keep this habit going. After getting fired from his security job, a desperate Ron became "Mask☆DeMasque". Desirée also has a strong hatred for criminals due to her kidnapping, which made it difficult for Ron to admit what he was doing for her. As well as being generally quite friendly, she also liked to teasingly refer to Wright as "Nicky Boy", causing him to blush and Pearl Fey to slap him. She was greatly upset when Godot said that she could not be trusted with the presentation of the Sacred Urn from Atmey's office owing to the fact that she is Ron's wife.

She is a major thrill seeker who enjoys taking risks and putting her "life on the line". Thus, she is happiest when her motorcycle is at full throttle. Both she and her husband share a fascination with ancient artifacts.


  • Her Japanese surname "Amasugi" (天杉) comes from the word "甘過ぎ(amasugi)", which means "too sweet".
  • Her Japanese given name, "Mareka" (希華), was the name of a childhood friend of Shu Takumi.[1]
  • Her given name "Desirée" comes from the French word for "desired", while her surname "DeLite" is a play on the word "delight"; her full name therefore basically reads as "Desire Delight", which could be a reference to her extravagant lifestyle.
  • "Duplaisir", her surname in the French localization, means "of pleasure" (du plaisir).


Desirée DeLite has brown hair and eyes, and wears goggles, wheel-shaped earrings, a red jacket with a white fur collar, and matching red pants and shoes.


  • If her profile is selected when asked who framed Ron DeLite for Bullard's murder, a unique conversation is triggered explaining why she isn't the murderer. This is in contrast with any other wrong choice for the culprit, which results in a more generic response.
  • Unusually for the Ace Attorney series, she is referred to as Ms. DeLite (i.e., the honorific used as a default form of address for women regardless of their marital status), rather than Mrs. DeLite.