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You may be looking for the "Detention Center" musical themes or the detention center in Khura'in.
Detention center
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Organization info
Organization type Law enforcement
Leader Patricia Roland
(2007 - Apr. 6, 2019)
Affiliated groups Police department
Criminal Affairs Department
Prosecutor's office
Area info
Holding cellHallway (detention center)Warden's officeCourtyard (prison)Prison (Los Angeles)Detentioncenter
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Not shown: Visitor's room

Entrance Visitor's room
Hallway (detention center)
Maya Fey
You know, Nick... We've all been in here one time or another, haven't we?
Phoenix Wright
I guess it comes with the territory.
Maya Fey
I'm not sure it's something we should mention to too many people...

The detention center is an institution used to hold criminal suspects and contains holding cells for this purpose. Visitors, usually close friends, relatives, or defense attorneys, can meet with suspects and prisoners in the visitor's room. One exit leads to the prison, while another leads to the administrative offices, including the warden's office.

Holding cells[]

Main article: Holding cell

The main purpose of the detention center is to detain suspects temporarily, whether for a short sentence or while awaiting trial. The cells are monitored by guards and a security camera, though this surveillance is rather lacking and noteworthy events have occurred that have apparently gone unnoticed.

Visitor's room[]

Main article: Visitor's room

Visitations are conducted in a partitioned room. There are strict regulations in place for visitations, as well as surveillance by a security camera and a guard. However, regulations are often bent, mostly for the sake of defense attorneys and public officials. Nonetheless, the visitor's room is at least much better monitored than the holding cells.


The detention center's hallway mainly contains lockers for the guards. The three doorways out of the detention center have security gates to secure the passage of people through the detention center. However, incoming packages undergo a simpler security check than people.


Main article: Warden's office
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