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Dewey is an assistant to Ridelle Mystere in Labyrinthia's Great Archive.

Life in Labyrinthia[]

At some point, the man who would be called "Dewey" signed a contract with Labrelum Inc. to take part in "Project Labyrinthia". As a participant of the project, he began living in the artificial town of Labyrinthia, where his memories were repressed and he was given the name "Dewey" for his new life. Dewey was assigned the role of assistant in the Great Archive, helping his superior Ridelle Mystere by moving books and the like.


  • Japanese - Bukku (ブック):
    • His Japanese name "Bukku" is a play on the English word "book".
  • English - Dewey:
    • "Dewey" likely comes from Melvil Dewey, more specifically the Dewey Decimal System used for the classification and organization of library books that is named after him.
  • French - Gautier
  • Spanish - Atlas:
    • "Atlas", his Spanish name, comes from the same word used to refer to a book of maps.
  • Italian - Tomo:
    • His Italian name "Tomo" means "tome" (as in a large/scholarly book).
  • German/Dutch - Roman:
    • "Roman", his name in the German and Dutch versions, means "novel".

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