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Di-Jun Wang
P-Please wait. I am just about to meet my son for the first time. I'm sure this will be the first and the last time. Please, at least wait until we are finished...

Di-Jun Wang was President of Zheng Fa for many years, officially holding office up until March of 2019. He was a highly regarded president who placed a good deal of trust in Dai-Long Lang and his family. However, this trust eroded after an apparent kidnapping incident known as the SS-5 Incident, which saw the president seemingly returned physically unharmed but greatly changed.

"Kidnapping" incident[]

Main article: SS-5 Incident

Di-Jun Wang's final moments.

During his travels abroad, Di-Jun Wang met diplomat Amy Marsh in the embassy of Zheng Fa in the United States. He gave her a bouquet of lion lilies, sparking a romantic relationship. Marsh later left the job to work at the Happy Family Home orphanage. In 2007, Wang received a message from Marsh inside a Moozilla Doll that functioned as a recording device. In the message, Marsh asked him to come see her at the orphanage, as she now had a son who had been fathered by Wang. The president decided that he would publicly acknowledge the existence of his son after meeting him, and mentioned him in his will, which he entrusted to the Lang family.

On February 10, Wang had a body double cover for him at the embassy and arrived at the orphanage. As he played the recording again, he noticed a strange bald man and a large black dog approaching him. Wang soon realized that this man was an assassin sent to murder him, and asked his killer to be allowed to at least see his son before he died, explaining his intentions. The assassin refused and attacked. Although the first strike missed its target, the second blow was fatal, and Wang soon lay dead in the snow.

Unbeknownst to Wang, the one who had sent the assassin was his own body double, who was resentful of having to put his life on the line without having the power and respect of being the real Di-Jun Wang. The body double had thus resolved to have his employer assassinated and then assumed his identity, with the help of corrupt Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste and orphanage owner Patricia Roland. The plan went more or less smoothly, though an eyewitness was discovered sending a voicemail message about what he believed was a kidnapping. The three co-conspirators were thus compelled to kill him and stage a kidnapping for ransom; the incident was designated as the SS-5 Incident in police files. The body of the president was secretly buried in one of the flowerbeds on the orphanage grounds. The body double then began his new life as the deceased president.

The body double was more cowardly and deceitful than the man whom he replaced. Fearing that he would be found out, he cut his ties with the House of Lang and hired private security firms. The real president's legacy managed to live on for the next 12 years, but the imposter was ultimately inferior as a leader of the nation. This eventually showed in his approval ratings, which had plummeted by 2019. This was mainly due to being seen as completely ineffective in combating an international smuggling ring that had counterfeited the country's currency to the point that the economy was in ruins.


Main article: The Grand Turnabout
A teikun corpse2

The end of the body double.

On April 5, 2019, Debeste went back to the site of the real president's body to retrieve it. The site was now a filming lot beside the recently constructed Grand Tower, and more construction would begin in the area after the filming, which would cause the president's body to be potentially found and subsequently risk Debeste and his co-conspirators being exposed. Not knowing where exactly the body had been buried, Debeste dug up all three former locations of the flowerbeds in that vicinity and unearthed the remains. He then hid the body inside his house, near the garage.

The next day, Shi-Long Lang discovered the body double's fallen and crushed corpse in the filming lot. Miles Edgeworth investigated the case and noticed a glaring contradiction between Lang's descriptions of an honorable and great leader and the dishonest and dishonorable president who had recently concocted a fake assassination attempt and tried to cover it up. This contradiction, after an investigation into the SS-5 Incident using Kay Faraday's Little Thief, was able to let Edgeworth deduce the truth about the two presidents. An investigation of the flowerbeds found traces of the body, and a follow-up investigation of Debeste's home found the skeleton, which matched Wang's dental records. Edgeworth was later able to confront the body double's killer and arrest him.


Di-Jun Wang was a respected and very competent man who led Zheng Fa well, and had very strong ties to the House of Lang. Unlike his body double, the real president was an honorable and fearless individual who sought to acknowledge the existence of his secret son publicly, even if it meant being mired in scandal. His legacy was so great that the presidency under his imposter was extended for 12 years. He was also not one to plead for his own life, wanting his killer to spare him only so that he could see his son, requesting that he die afterwards.[1]


  • Japanese - Teikun Ō (王帝君):
    • His Japanese surname "Ō" (王) means "king", while his given name consists of the kanji for "emperor" (帝) and "monarch" (君).
    • His Japanese name also fits with the chess theme of characters in the game; he is the king piece, while Horace Knightley ("Manosuke Naitō") is the knight and Ethan Rooke ("Gai Tojiro") the rook.
  • English - Di-Jun Wang:
    • Like Shi-Long Lang's name, this is the Hanyu pinyin pronunciation and spelling of the characters in Mandarin Chinese.
      • The 2015 unofficial translation changes the character "王", pronounced "Wang", into Huang. However, "Huang" is the pronunciation of "皇", which also means "emperor", though not commonly used as a surname. When placed in the Asian name order, the first two characters in his name form "皇帝" (Huangdi/Kōtei), the Chinese word for the Emperor of China.


  • His lion-like, muscular design was meant to give him a more powerful look than that of fellow Zheng Fa native, Shi-Long Lang.[citation needed]


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    Keh heh heh. I am well aware of that... President Huang. Are you not meeting with your son? However, I do not spill blood needlessly. You may relax. I seek only the president's life.
    .........It can't be. P-Please wait. I am just about to meet my son for the first time. I'm sure this will be the first and the last time. Please, at least wait until we are finished...
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