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The section on Dimere in the Grand Grimoire.

Dimere is listed in the Grand Grimoire as one of the possible spells usable by witches in Labyrinthia. It is described as a vanishing spell that allows the caster to cause anything they touch (including themselves) to disappear from sight. In order to make the invisible object reappear, the caster need only speak the incantation "Amere".

The spell is carried out by having the Shades put a pure black "invisibility cloak" over the object that needs to be hidden, and taking it off when the second incantation is recited.


  • Its English name may be a play on "dimmer". Its second incantation "Amere" was likely chosen so it could be confused with the name of Emeer Punchenbaug for gameplay purposes, as well as having a similar pronunciation to the word "appear."
  • Its name in the French version is "Noscuris".
  • The spell is called "Videaus" in the German localization, which comes from the Latin word "videre" (see) and the German word "aus" (out/finished/off). The deactivation spell is "Videan", which is similar, but instead uses the German word "an" (on) as a suffix.
  • Its name in the Spanish version is "Disparito", which may come from the Latin word "disparitus" (disappeared) or it could also be a play on "disappear". The second spell's name, "Aparito", may come from the Latin word "apparitus" (appeared).
  • The name of the spell in the Italian version is "Occultus", which comes from the Italian word "occultare", meaning "hide" or "conceal".
  • Its name in the Dutch version is "Vidiaus".

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