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District Court
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Owned by Los Angeles
Entrance Defendant lobbies
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Relevant cases All low-level criminal trials and civil trials

The Los Angeles District Court is a courthouse housing several courtrooms and defendant lobbies. It is an important location for local defense attorneys and prosecutors such as Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes, being the place in which all lower-level criminal trials and civil trials occur. The District Court has been the scene of at least four murders: the DL-6 Incident in which Gregory Edgeworth was killed, the murders of Byrne Faraday and Mack Rell, and the murder of Candice Arme. It was also where Dahlia Hawthorne attempted to murder Diego Armando, as well as the scene of a number of other violent assaults on defense attorneys. Perhaps most notable was the bombing of Courtroom No. 4 in December 2027 that reduced said courtroom to ruins, although it was fully repaired and rebuilt by May the following year.

A perfect record shamed[]

Main articles: IS-7 Incident and DL-6 Incident

In 2000, veteran prosecutor Manfred von Karma was put in charge of proving the guilt of Jeffrey Master, a famous television chef who had been accused of murdering another chef called Isaac Dover. Von Karma was infamous for his questionable tactics in court, such as presenting falsified/illegal evidence and rigging witness testimonies. However, it would be chief prosecutor Blaise Debeste, without von Karma's knowledge, who would blackmail the elderly coroner Bonnie Young into creating a forged autopsy report that would support Master's guilt. Von Karma presented this in court in December 2001, but Master's defense attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, had also been investigating and knew for a fact that the body was unaccounted for; thus there shouldn't have been an autopsy report at all. Edgeworth pointed this out in court, and von Karma was, for the first and only time in his career, penalized.

Once the trial ended, Gregory Edgeworth, his young son Miles, and a court bailiff by the name of Yanni Yogi took the courthouse elevator. However, a power outage struck the building, leaving the Edgeworths and Yogi trapped. After five hours, when the air thinned to unbearable amounts, Yogi started to attack Gregory in desperation. Miles grabbed the bailiff's pistol, which had fallen out of its holster, and threw it at the wrestling men to try and force the man away from his father. The gun went off and the bullet went through the window of the elevator. Manfred von Karma had been stumbling blindly around for some time, trying to find his way out of the building during the blackout. At the moment that von Karma was in front of the elevator, the bullet flew out and hit him. The power then came back on, and the elevator door opened to reveal the three figures inside who had passed out from oxygen deprivation and the gun on the floor. Von Karma saw his chance for revenge and killed the defense attorney who had wronged him.

Due to a lack of decisive evidence, the police contacted Misty Fey, a powerful spirit medium, to channel Gregory Edgeworth's spirit. Since the defense attorney had not seen the man who had killed him, he instead pointed to Yogi as the culprit, as the only other option he could think of was that his son was responsible. However, Yogi and his defense attorney managed to get a temporary insanity plea, and Yogi was let go, leaving the case (known by the police as the DL-6 Incident) unresolved for 15 years.

A double murder in the courthouse[]

Main article: Turnabout Reminiscence

In 2012, Mack Rell was hired to silence Deid Mann, an employee of the Cohdopian Embassy who had been scheduled to testify about the activities of a certain international smuggling ring. If caught, Rell was under orders to claim to be the "Great Thief" known as the Yatagarasu. This he did, but he did not recognize the Yatagarasu's calling card, which made his claim suspicious. Rell hired Calisto Yew as his defense lawyer, who instructed him to accuse the prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, of being the Yatagarasu in exchange for an acquittal. Rell did as Yew said, and in light of his claims, the presiding judge decided that Faraday was no longer fit to prosecute.

The judge called a one hour recess to prepare a substitute prosecutor. The man chosen was Miles Edgeworth, whom Manfred von Karma had taken under his wing after the DL-6 Incident. However, proceedings came to a abrupt halt when both the defendant and the prosecutor were found dead in Defendant Lobby No. 2. Initially, two police detectives, the veteran Tyrell Badd and rookie Dick Gumshoe, were to be the chief investigators, but von Karma used his authority as a "perfect" veteran prosecutor to override Badd and place Edgeworth and his own daughter Franziska von Karma at the head of the investigation. At first, Gumshoe was the prime suspect, but Edgeworth was able to establish an alibi for Gumshoe and went on to confront Calisto Yew, whom he suspected to be the real killer. Edgeworth cornered Yew, but she pulled out a gun and managed to escape, despite being pursued by Badd. Yew would not be brought to justice until seven years later.

Courtroom rules[]

Some of the procedural rules that are referenced include infractions for the following:

However, these rules are enforced inconsistently if at all. In particular, many prosecutors and witnesses use threats and intimidation tactics to get the judge to do what they want, even though these behaviors would fall under leading the court (or alternatively contempt thereof). Individuals whose behavior ought to be punished but are not include:

  • Acro: bringing birds to court and having them attack the defense
  • Jean Armstrong: picking flower petals
  • Bellboy (Gatewater Hotel): bringing a tray laden with a tea set
  • Simon Blackquill: bringing a pet hawk Taka to court and having him attack various people, using a "finger slice" on the defense, and interrupting after a verdict is given
  • Armie Buff: bringing a remote-controlled drone into court and testifying via it, as well as using said drone to fire blank ammunition inside the court
  • Larry Butz: interrupting after a verdict is given and drawing pictures during a trial
  • Yuri Cosmos: riding a mini scooter
  • Justine Courtney: communicating electronically with someone outside of the courtroom via a cell phone
  • Bonny and Betty de Famme: bringing and using umbrellas, as well as bringing animals into court
  • Miles Edgeworth: interrupting after a verdict is given, as well as communicating electronically with someone outside of the courtroom via a cell phone
  • Phineas Filch: offering presents to the judge
  • Max Galactica: throwing cards
  • Damon Gant: interrupting a cross-examination
  • Klavier Gavin: playing rock music
  • Godot: drinking and throwing coffee at the defense, and communicating electronically with someone outside of the courtroom via a cell phone
  • Cody Hackins: bringing and using photographic equipment
  • Dahlia Hawthorne: bringing and using a parasol
  • Victor Kudo: throwing seeds at the defense
  • Florent L'Belle: spraying perfume and communicating electronically with someone outside of the courtroom via a cell phone
  • Sal Manella: speaking in L33T
  • Jake Marshall: drinking, eating jerky, and shaving with a knife
  • April May: shameless flirting and provocativeness
  • Aristotle Means: bringing and writing on a chalkboard, as well as throwing chalk at the defense to interrupt the cross-examination
  • Mike Meekins: shouting into a megaphone
  • Vera Misham: drawing in her notebook to give testimony
  • Pierce Nichody: "operating" on a machine and taking x-rays of the defense and prosecution
  • Hugh O’Conner: carrying a bow and arrows into court, as well as threatening others with them
  • Olga Orly: carrying a lobster on a platter into the courtroom, as well as bringing and using photographic equipment
  • Roger Retinz: bringing and using a video camera
  • Marlon Rimes: carrying a barrel full of fish, throwing said fish onto the floor, and bringing a large marlin into court
  • Frank Sahwit: throwing a toupee at the defense
  • Myriam Scuttlebutt: wearing a large cardboard box that conceals the upper body, as well as bringing and using photographic equipment
  • Nahyuta Sahdmadhi: throwing beads at the defense to constrict them
  • Raymond Shields: communicating electronically with someone outside of the courtroom via a cell phone
  • Ema Skye: eating snacks
  • Angel Starr: handing out boxed lunches
  • Ted Tonate: testifying via a speech synthesizer
  • Geiru Toneido: playing with balloons
  • Uendo Toneido: bringing in and sitting upon piles of rakugo mats and throwing fans at the defense
  • Dee Vasquez: smoking
  • Franziska von Karma: whipping the defense, witnesses, and the judge
  • Bucky Whet: bringing in and riding on a skateboard, carrying around and handing out boxes of food
  • Benjamin Woodman: testifying via a ventriloquist dummy
  • Juniper Woods: knitting a scarf
  • Phoenix Wright: consuming evidence and communicating electronically with someone outside of the courtroom via a cell phone

Judges can object (normally feebly and to little effect) to such instances, usually by requesting that a court bailiff intervene. One ruling that was strictly enforced was to prevent a clown from telling bad jokes.


There is a model of the courthouse inside the 3rd Floor Lobby. The model's creator spent as much money to build the model as it took to build the courthouse itself. Although subsequently fired, he was later seen talking to his son about a hidden mechanism built into the courthouse. Since hands and a face can be seen when looking into the model, this might be hinting at the model being a disguised robot.

Localization note[]

Since the English localizations of the games take place in Los Angeles, California, the District Court may be intended to be one of the two Federal District Courts for the Western District of California.