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Doug Swallow
I'm telling you for your sake. If you continue to see her, it's going to be bad news.

Doug Swallow was a pharmacology student at Ivy University and former boyfriend of Dahlia Hawthorne. He was murdered on campus via electrocution, with Phoenix Wright being accused of the crime.

A dangerous relationship[]

Swallow was Dahlia Hawthorne's boyfriend for a while, but eight months prior to his death, he discovered that some of the poisonous chemicals he was working with for his studies had gone missing. Around the same time, someone was poisoned, and Hawthorne was the prime suspect. Realizing that Hawthorne was dangerous, Swallow broke up with her.

An unheeded warning & death[]

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After the poisoning incident, Hawthorne met Phoenix Wright and started dating him, though it would later transpire that, other than their first meeting, her sister had posed as her for the duration of the relationship. Eight months later, Swallow again discovered that some of his poisonous chemicals had gone missing, and he feared the worst. He confronted Wright near the pharmacology labs at Ivy University to warn him about Hawthorne and the stolen poison, but Wright refused to listen; he pushed Swallow to the ground, breaking his umbrella, and left. Seeing this altercation, Hawthorne, who had intended to kill Wright herself using a poisoned bottle of "Coldkiller X" medicine, decided that Swallow would blow her cover if he were left alive, and so electrocuted him to death with a snapped wire meant to provide power to the pharmacology labs. However, the power failure from the snapped wire began to attract attention. In a panic, Hawthorne planted the poisoned medicine bottle into Swallow's hand and then fled the scene before too many witnesses showed up. Wright returned to the scene of the crime to find Swallow's body, and was subsequently accused of the murder and put on trial.

Wright's defense attorney, Mia Fey, would go on to expose a series of contradictions in the explanations of the prosecution and the key witness, Hawthorne herself. Fey successfully indicted Hawthorne as the real killer, and Wright was acquitted.


Wright thought he was an Anglophile (or, in his own words, a "stuck-up British wannabe") due to the Union Jack on the back of the shirt he was wearing when he was murdered. From the little that is known of him, he seemed to have a somewhat condescending nature, but appeared to be a good person, as he attempted to warn Wright about the dangers of being with Hawthorne. He also seemed rather perceptive, or at least more than Wright, as he was able to see through his former girlfriend's façade.


  • "Nonda Kikuzou" (呑田菊三) comes from the Japanese phrase "nondara kiku", meaning "if you drink it, it'll work", and is possibly a reference to his attempt to warn Wright about the poison.
  • "Doug Swallow" may be a play on "don't swallow" or "drug swallow", in reference to Hawthorne's attempt to poison Wright. It might also be a reference to the first character of his Japanese name "呑", which means "to swallow".
  • When arranged surname first, "Patrick Hauméot" becomes a play on the French word for "homeopathic".