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Drama CD: Gyakuten Saiban 5: ~Animal Circus Turnabout!?~ is an audio drama based around characters from the Ace Attorney series; Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies in particular. It consists of five episodes and a bonus track on a total of two discs.


When a magic trick goes awry at a circus Trucy Wright performs at, she quickly finds herself suspected of stealing the ringmaster's cat Michelangelo, which is a rare male calico cat worth a good deal of money. With rumors of a nekomata hanging around the circus, it's up to Phoenix Wright and the rest of the Wright Anything Agency to get to the bottom of the case and save Trucy.



  • "Michelangelo" is likely a play on "mikeneko", which is the Japanese word for the calico cat breed.
  • The circus in the drama CD is called the "Chirami Circus". This may be a reference to the "Tachimi Circus", which is the Japanese name for the Berry Big Circus that featured prominently in Turnabout Big Top.

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