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Dr. Dreama Love is the mother of Diana Wheatley.

Early life and "death"[]

Love used to be a physician at Buck Wheatley's buckwheat company, ultimately having an affair with him that resulted in a daughter named Diana. However, Wheatley wanted to avoid scandal, and so he paid her to forge a birth certificate that would show Diana to be the daughter of his wife, Vale. As Diana was the child of her husband's mistress, Vale treated her with excessive cruelty, which prompted Love to take her daughter away from them. Diana quickly warmed up to her, which made her very happy. Love intended to take Diana far away from the Wheatley's clutch but Vale, in fit of jealousy, came and took her back by force. Saddened, Love decided to forget about Diana and left to study medicine. A few days later, she heard that Vale had died in a traffic accident.

Many years later, Love returned to Los Angeles and opened a clinic named Sogni D'oro. Unexpectedly, Buck Wheatley became her patient after being diagnosed with a buckwheat allergy, but he didn't recognize her due to the fact that she wore a wig and a face mask. Love soon found out that he repeatedly physically abused Diana due to his stress of having to step down from his position as CEO owing to his allergy. Determined to protect her daughter, she decided to switch Buck's medicine with buckwheat flour in an attempt to murder him. However, due to her cat Phoenix knocking over the flour canister, Love mistook the powdered milk canister for the flour one instead. Surprised that Wheatley had no allergy reaction during lunch, Love snuck into his home that night to not only check up on his condition, but also to give Diana a star-shaped necklace as her 20th birthday present.

Love successfully met up with Diana and fulfilled her promise, with Diana believing her to be a spirit (as her memories were subconsciously altered due to her trauma, causing her to switch Dreama's role with those of Vale's). However, when she went to check Wheatley's condition she found him dead due to his allergy with his cat Chocolan fiddling around the table with the "medicine" she gave him earlier. Shocked at the situation, Dreama quickly left the house before the police arrived.


Love was summoned to the court as one of the witnesses of the case. Knowing that Diana was suffering from her actions, Love tried to confess to the crime, falsifying some of the case's details. However, Edgeworth managed to point out the contradiction in her testimony.


  • Her full English name is a play on "dream of love".