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"Path to Glory" (Steel Samurai scrapbook belonging to Cody Hackins)
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The dressing room of Will Powers at Global Studios was where Powers slept while his co-star fron The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, Jack Hammer, was killed.

Hammer's deathEdit

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After five years of coercion by producer Dee Vasquez due to a fatal accident, Jack Hammer finally decided to end it by killing her. Intending to frame Powers for the deed that he was about to commit, Hammer drugged Powers by putting sleeping pills into his lunch, and Powers promptly entered his dressing room for a nap. Hammer then stole Powers's Steel Samurai costume and headed for Studio Two to kill Dee Vasquez, but he ended up being the victim instead. Director Sal Manella helped Vasquez move the body to Studio One, where it was eventually found by police.

Phoenix Wright took Powers's case. With assistant Maya Fey in tow, he met Manella in Powers's dressing room; Fey's spirit medium uniform reportedly "triggered [Manella's] CR34T1V3 P0W3RZ", and the Pink Princess concept was born. However, Manella was less helpful to Wright in return. Later on, Wright cornered a Steel Samurai fanboy, Cody Hackins, in the dressing room. Maya channeled her sister Mia Fey, who got Hackins to talk about the murder, which he had seen, though what he claimed to have witnessed was less than favorable to Wright's case. Hackins gave Mia a scrapbook dedicated to the Steel Samurai. The next day, Wright found Penny Nichols, an employee whom he had met earlier, in the dressing room. She told him that The Steel Samurai was being canceled, so Wright gave her Hackins's scrapbook so that she could convince the Global Studios executives that the show was worth keeping.

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