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Drew Studio
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Organization info
Organization type Art studio (2019 - )
Forgery (2019-2026)
Affiliated groups Kristoph Gavin (Client)
Notable dates 2019 - Mishams moved into studio
April 2019 - Kristoph Gavin orders a forgery of a page from Magnifi Gramarye's diary
October 6, 2026 - Spark Brushel interviews Drew Misham; Drew Misham dies and Vera is arrested
October 9, 2026 - Vera Misham is acquitted of the murder of her father
Status Active
Location info
People to meet Drew Misham
Vera Misham
Ema Skye
Spark Brushel
Available evidence Portrait
Coffee Mug
Hidden Painting
Red Envelope
Letter Box
Tiny Frame
Commemorative Stamp
Linked locations Wright Anything Agency
Detention center
MASON System

Drew Studio was the home of Drew and Vera Misham until Drew was murdered. The letterbox beside the door is the main method of communication with the outside world. Although it appears to be a normal art studio, it actually produces high-quality forgeries.

In 2019[]

Main article: Turnabout Succession

Vera's desk in 2019.

In 2019, famed magician Zak Gramarye was accused of the murder of his mentor, Magnifi Gramarye. Intending to take Zak's case and win, Kristoph Gavin contacted Drew Misham to manufacture a page from the victim's diary, which would implicate the other half of Zak's magic act, Valant Gramarye. Gavin came to Drew Studio to meet the forger, Drew's daughter Vera Misham, and obtain the forged evidence. He gave Vera a bottle of nail polish, which he had secretly laced with atroquinine poison. He had noticed that Vera bit her nails when nervous; all she needed to do was bite her nails while wearing the polish and Gavin's plan to cover his tracks would work. Later, Gavin mailed a $100,000 payment letter for the forgery, enclosing a commemorative stamp of Troupe Gramarye and telling Drew to send a confirmation receipt using the stamp. Gavin had laced the stamp, too, with atroquinine. However, Vera became fond of the stamp as she liked Troupe Gramarye, and so she framed it and put it on her desk, leaving Drew to reply to Gavin with a different stamp.

When Gavin went to offer his services to Zak, the magician challenged him to a game of poker. Gavin lost, and Zak rejected him as his attorney, choosing Phoenix Wright instead. In revenge, he planted the forged diary page on Zak's daughter Trucy, and told his brother Klavier, who was to prosecute the case, about Drew and the forged evidence. During Zak's trial, Wright presented the diary page, and in response, Klavier summoned Drew to the stand. Wright was thus caught submitting forged evidence. However, Zak suddenly disappeared from the courtroom, immediately ending the trial. Wright was subsequently disbarred.

After the disbarment, Wright came to the studio to learn the truth about the forged diary page. He first talked to Drew and figured out that Vera was the real forger. A follow-up discussion with Vera soon revealed that Kristoph Gavin had commissioned the forgery. Wright also examined the desk that belonged to Vera, which had a red envelope and a photograph of Vera and her father smiling, as well as the nail polish and stamp that Kristoph had sent.

At the time, the studio was fairly run-down in appearance as Drew Misham was struggling to sell his artwork. The left side of the studio was where Drew seemed to do most of his work, and contained a small canvas containing a picture of a woman he appeared to have been working on, with numerous art supplies nearby. There were two cabinets on the wall, one containing canvases and the other paints and dyes. Beside the second cabinet was a study desk with a machine sitting on top. The machine was used to analyze artworks to see if they were forgeries. Leaning against the wall next to the desk were a number of original works by Drew.

Seven years later[]

Vera serving coffee to her father.

Seven years after Kristoph Gavin's original forgery request, Spark Brushel set up an interview with Drew Misham. Brushel arrived early and found his interviewee busy writing a letter. Misham hastily crammed the letter into a yellow envelope, and, lacking any other stamp, took the Gramarye commemorative stamp out of its frame and used it. During the interview, Drew Misham admitted that he had the same feeling as Brushel: the feeling that someone was watching him. Vera served them both coffee. Brushel took his coffee and went to examine the old machinery in the back of the room. As Drew lifted his to his lips, he was suddenly seized with paralysis and died. Brushel reported this to the police immediately, who arrested Vera as the prime suspect, due to the fact that she had served Drew coffee during the interview.

Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright arrived to investigate Misham's murder. There, they met Detective Ema Skye, from whom they learned that Drew was a forger. After examining the desk, they found that the small frame that had contained the stamp had residue of atroquinine. Using Skye's "X-ray analyzer" behind the three paintings in the studio, they realized that each one was concealing an image representative of each of Justice's previous cases. Using the same machine again, the three discovered the contents of a red letter in the desk's drawer: a letter from a certain previous forgery client.

Later, Wright found Brushel at the studio and discussed with him the connection between the Gramaryes and the Mishams. Brushel told Wright about the interview he had had with Drew and his suspicions that they were being watched. In court, Justice and Klavier uncovered Kristoph's complex plot, as well as the fact that he had been watching everyone involved in the Gramarye case for seven years in order to find and kill Zak Gramarye. The jury declared Vera innocent. After the trial, Vera decided to stop making forgeries and focus only on producing original artwork.

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