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Dumas Gloomsbury
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Dumas Gloomsbury
I'm not completely heartless! I'll even throw that time machine you cherish so much overboard with you!

Dumas Gloomsbury was the head servant for the Sprocket household. His corpse was discovered during the wedding ceremony of Sorin Sprocket and fellow Ellen Wyatt.

A scapegoat[]

A year prior to Sorin Sprocket and Ellen Wyatt's wedding, Gloomsbury and Selena Sprocket were passengers in a car driven by Sorin Sprocket. Unfortunately, the car was involved in an accident in which both Sprocket siblings were badly hurt, while Gloomsbury received only minor injuries. Selena died from her injuries, and the Sprocket family decided to cover up Sorin's involvement by placing all the blame onto Gloomsbury, thereby protecting the family and their business reputation. In exchange, Gloomsbury was promoted to head servant and given a pay rise.


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Gloomsbury and Ellen

Attempting to throw Wyatt off the Flying Chapel.

Gloomsbury nursed a grudge against the Sprockets over his mistreatment, and so when Pierce Nichody, the family butler, offered him a part in his plan to kill Sorin's bride-to-be, Ellen Wyatt, he agreed.

On the night of Sorin and Wyatt's wedding, Gloomsbury attacked Sorin with a broken candelabra after the wedding reception. Leaving Sorin on the ground bleeding, Gloomsbury then accosted Wyatt and prepared to push her off the vista deck of the Flying Chapel airship, as instructed by Nichody. However, Sorin found his way to the vista deck by climbing along the outside of the airship and bludgeoned Gloomsbury with the Time Keeper, a memento he had made for the wedding, knocking Gloomsbury unconscious. Both Sorin and Nichody, who arrived on the scene shortly after, thought that the head servant had been killed, and so the butler instructed his young master to hold the wedding reception again to cover up Gloomsbury's "death", while Nichody stuffed Gloomsbury into a Pegabull-shaped lantern used for decoration in order to hide him.

However, during the second reception, Gloomsbury woke up and tried to leave the lantern, leaving a bloody stain on the internal handle in the process, but not before he was spotted by Nichody. Nichody decided that he had to silence Gloomsbury in case he told the Sprocket family of his plot to kill Wyatt, and he killed the servant with a second, fatal blow from the Time Keeper. Nichody then placed Gloomsbury's corpse inside again so as to be discovered by Wyatt and thereby implicate her as the murderer. Although Wyatt was indeed arrested for Gloomsbury's death, her defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, was able to prove her innocence in court, as well as reveal Nichody as the true culprit.


Gloomsbury Mugshot


Gloomsbury was described by his co-workers as being a rather reserved and taciturn man, which earned him the nickname of "Mister Doom-'n'-Gloom" among the staff. His mistreatment at the hands of the Sprocket family caused him to become deeply resentful towards them, culminating in his attempted murder of Wyatt.


  • Japanese - Seiji Yonekura (米倉 静次):
    • His Japanese surname contains "Nekura" (根暗), which means "gloomy" or "dark", which is fitting of his physical appearance and what little is given regarding his personality. It also contrasts with Sorin and Selena's Japanese given names, both of which mean "light."
  • English - Dumas Gloomsbury:
    • His full English name is a play on "doom and gloom", referring to his dour appearance and his nickname among the other servants, as well as referencing his Japanese name.
  • French - Claude Vagalame
  • His surname is a play on the phrase "vague à l'âme" which relates to feeling melancholy.
  • Chinese - Mǐcāng Jìngcì (米倉 静次)