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Duncan Ross
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Duncan Ross
I'll be alright. I promised we'd graduate before you introduce me to your parents, remember?

Duncan Ross was a student and Viridian Green's fiancé before his death.

A Non-runaway DeathEdit

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Garrideb and Ross

With John Garrideb

Duncan Ross was Street Photographer and student at Thorndike Arts School. He was engaged to fellow student named Viridian Green, once he showed her how to pick a lock using a wire and some turpentine. He went to live in a cheap flat on Briar Road that used to be occupied by Selden, one of London's most notorious criminals, due to wanting a room with a history and to save money for his wedding with Green. William Petenshy, the prisoner who took care of Selden, tried to scare him out by blowing into the gas pipes to search the room for a hidden treasure. This led people to believe that Selden now haunts the flat and curses future residents with death. Green tried to persuade him to move out in fear of the gas leaks. Ross promised he would soon leave and move to a better place, but he didn't want to live with her due to wanting to graduate before meeting her parents. However, later that night, he passed away via asphyxiation. As a result, Green dropped out of school and went by Briar Road many times.

A Vengeful FianceEdit

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Ross picture

In picture in Green's ward

After hearing what been going on in the flat from the new tenant, Sōseki Natsume, at a borscht shop and remembering a conversation between two gas company employees, Green realized Ross' death might not have been an accident after all. So she bought some strychnine off the black market and painted it on the gas pipe in Petenshy's apartment. That way, it would confirm her suspicions and Petenshy would receive his due punishment. She sent a letter for him to meet at the Pepper Pavilion to lure him out but she didn't make it due to being stabbed by Joan Garrideb. At St. Bartholomew Hospital, she kept a picture of Duncan Ross on her desk.


  • "Duncan Ross" is the alias of one of the criminals in The Red-Headed League. It may also be taken from two characters in Macbeth.
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